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What’s Included in Lake Tahoe All Inclusive Weddings?

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When we say we plan all-inclusive weddings in Lake Tahoe, we mean it. We take care of everything, from the big stuff, like helping you select the best venues for each event, to the little things, like ensuring your place settings are laid out perfectly on the day of your wedding. Dive into the details of how we help you have the all-inclusive Lake Tahoe wedding of your dreams!

What Do All-Inclusive Weddings in Lake Tahoe Include?

Every vendor, venue, and wedding planner has a different definition of “all-inclusive.” For example, some “all-inclusive” wedding venues still require you to hire a wedding planner to take care of the details. But when we say we offer all-inclusive wedding planning packages, we mean it. Here are seven things we guarantee our couples when they book us for all-inclusive weddings.

1. A Luxury Experience from Start to Finish

Have you ever been treated like royalty? If not, get ready to feel like you’re the most important person in the world when you work with Epic Thyme to plan your Lake Tahoe wedding. When you’re an Epic Thyme couple, all of our time and dedication goes into ensuring you have the perfect wedding–yes, we aim for perfection every time. We not only want you to love the final product but enjoy the planning process as well. We believe planning your wedding should be just as magical and exciting as your actual wedding day.

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2. Never Having to Make a Decision Alone

We have an answer for every wedding-related question, and we’re by your side for every decision. For example, we not only help you choose vendors for your wedding, but we actually do the research and compile a list of the top vendors that match your budget and style. Then we reach out to them for you, describe your wedding vision, and secure their services. We look over the vendor contract and answer any questions you have. All you have to do is sign once you choose a vendor you love!

We’re also there to help you with the “little” stuff that’s just as important as the big stuff. Whether you want to know our opinion on the best drinks for a summer wedding (we have a lot of fun ideas) or where you and your spouse-to-be should mini-moon, we’re here for you when you need us.

3. All the Big Details Done for You

There are a few “big ticket” items when planning a wedding that you really don’t want to miss or mess up on. This is especially true when planning a Lake Tahoe destination wedding or multi-day celebration. (We’re firm believers that whoever said a wedding should only be one day was mistaken. 5 days of wedding celebrations? Yes, please!) Some of the big ticket items include:

Securing Lake Tahoe wedding venues for every event: You not only need a venue for your ceremony and reception, but you’ll need a plan for the wedding welcome party, rehearsal dinner, send-off brunch, and any other event before or after your wedding.

Securing Lake Tahoe wedding vendors for every event: Do you want a catered rehearsal dinner or welcome party? Do you want your send-off brunch to be decorated in your wedding colors and style? Do you want the band to show up before the reception to play during the pre-ceremony hour? You can have whatever you want when you have an all-inclusive wedding, and we’re here to make sure you do.

Sending Save the Date cards and wedding invitations: This can be one of the most time-consuming parts of planning a wedding, which is why we’re happy to assist you with it. From helping you decide what questions and information to put on your RSVP cards to when to send your wedding invitations, we have all the answers. Plus, as an eco-friendly wedding planner in Lake Tahoe, we ensure this process is good for the earth too! Oh–and don’t forget your wedding website. Yes, we help with that too.

4. None of the Little Details Overlooked

Once you secure your venue, florist, caterer, band, rentals, etc., it might feel like you’ve got everything you need. But so much time goes into coordinating everything from each vendor without missing a detail. The good news is that our all-inclusive weddings include all the coordination too!

For example, let’s say something happens as simple as a guest RSVPing late–so late that we already have the meal count and place settings finalized. What do you do? Well, nothing; we do it. We coordinate with the caterer to add an extra meal. We coordinate with the rental company to add another place setting. We coordinate with the venue to ensure there is enough seating and make adjustments to the floor plan as needed. We coordinate with the transportation service to ensure there is room for one more guest on the shuttle. This is just one example of how we keep a hands-on approach from start to finish so that you don’t have to worry about anything leading up to your wedding.

5. Custom Design for Each Event

Every member of the Epic Thyme team has a background in design and can curate the look, style, and feel of your wedding. So, not only do we plan every detail, but we customize every aspect of each event too. First, we’ll help you conceptualize your wedding vision and offer recommendations for style and color that match the vibe you want. Then, we’ll work with boutique rental companies and personalize your celebration (no cookie-cutter weddings here). Plus, we’ll create custom signage and decor elements that add a unique touch to your wedding. The result is a breathtaking wedding that’s not only planned to a T but designed with the same level of expertise and dedication to detail.

6. Every Wedding Event Meticulously Planned

Most people think of the wedding ceremony and reception as the most significant parts of a wedding. But when you’re planning a Lake Tahoe destination wedding or multi-day celebration, every event matters as much as the next. We look at your wedding as a whole and dedicate just as much care and consideration to each part. Everything about your celebration should be magical.

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7. Wedding Set-Up and Tear-Down Not Your Problem

A 2-day ceremony and reception set-up isn’t uncommon for all-inclusive weddings. It typically takes a full day or more to ensure everything is perfect, from your decor to the cocktail hour seating to the lighting and sound–the list goes on. This is especially true for 100% custom events, like weddings hosted at Olympic Valley Stables–one of our favorite Lake Tahoe wedding venues. We also take care of everything after your wedding, so you can start celebrating with your new spouse without a care in the world.

Lake Tahoe all inclusive weddings, Lake Tahoe wedding planning and design

Epic Thyme is an All-Inclusive Wedding Planner in Lake Tahoe

At Epic Thyme Events, we do it all, and we love providing such a high level of service and dedication to every couple and wedding we plan. If you’re interested in booking our all-inclusive wedding planning package, let’s chat. We can’t wait to hear your vision for your wedding and secure your date!


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