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Your Guide to Wedding Seating Signs & Ideas for Your Lake Tahoe Bash

Wedding Seating Signage Design Ideas for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

You know all the “big ticket” items to plan for your wedding–your florals, catering, and music, to name a few. But it’s the little details that truly make the day magical. Your wedding seating signage is one of those things. Wedding seating signs are an excellent way to situate your guests, celebrate their presence, and let them know what tables they will be occupying. We’ve compiled some helpful guidance on wedding seating signage to ensure it all comes together smoothly. From best practices to wedding seating tips, ideas, and inspiration, we’re here to help the little details of your Lake Tahoe wedding come together in a big way!

Types of Wedding Seating Signage

Ok, so let’s dive into the types of wedding seating signage and how to use each to enhance the guest experience.

Seating Charts

First up is a seating chart. This is usually a decorative board that alphabetically displays your guests' names, accompanied by their table numbers. A seating chart keeps your reception organized and ensures everyone has a comfortable place to sit with people they know. It’s important to note that seating chart designs don’t include removable tags. Instead, they are typically large mirrors, linen-covered boards, posterboard, or wood with guests’ names printed in elegant penmanship or typography that matches your wedding style.

Escort Cards

Escort cards are similar to a seating chart, as they display your guests' names alphabetically and include seating information. Escort cards are typically part of a larger decorative display that matches the theme of your wedding. The main difference is that guests take their escort cards with them when finding their table. There are so many ways to get creative with escort cards–first and foremost, by not having cards at all. Scroll to the design tips to find unique wedding seating escort card ideas.

Place Cards

Lastly, you have place cards imprinted with your guests’ names and placed at their seats at the assigned table. You can incorporate place cards into your menu design or use them in addition to a seating chart to ensure guests know exactly where to sit to enjoy the reception.

Wedding Seating Signs for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Do You Need a Seating Chart at Your Wedding?

Having a seating chart is not required. However, there are some instances where wedding seating signage just makes sense. For example,

  • If you have over 75 guests. A seating chart keeps the reception organized and helps guests get to their seats faster after the ceremony. This helps move the reception along in a timely manner.

  • If you’re having a plated dinner. A seating chart ensures everyone has a comfortable place to eat and receives their desired meal. Plus, we can add dietary restrictions to the cards in a cute, incognito way for the chef.

  • If you want to enhance the guest experience. A seating chart makes your guests feel welcomed and relaxed. Plus, you can choose which guests sit at each table to ensure people are surrounded by people they know (or who you know they’ll get along with).

Whether you choose a seating chart or escort cards is up to you! Here are a few pros and cons of both types of wedding seating signage to help you decide.

  • Seating Chart Pro: It’s an eco-friendly decor idea and minimizes waste!

  • Escort Cards Pro: You won’t have 200 guests crowding around a sign trying to find their name and table number because guests can take their cards and go.

  • Seating Chart Con: If a guest cancels last minute, it’s harder to move things around since your seating chart is typically produced at least two weeks in advance. While nobody (but you) will notice someone’s name who isn’t in attendance, you won’t be able to reorganize the tables.

  • Escort Cards Con: It’s a little less eco-friendly since it uses more paper that’ll be tossed at the end of the night (but keep reading for ways to make your escort cards more sustainable).

3 Wedding Seating Tips for Lake Tahoe Wedding Signage Design

Seating plays a big part in creating a memorable event. For those celebrating their nuptials in Lake Tahoe, pulling elements of nature into your seating charts–like pine trees, flowers or woodsy elements–can lend a subtle elegance and nod to the beauty of Lake Tahoe. Additionally, using different colors and playful visuals for each table brings the charts to life and makes it easier for guests and staff alike to navigate. Keep reading for more wedding seating tips to make the most of your wedding seating signage design.

1. Go Big with Your Seating Chart

If you love the idea of a seating chart, we recommend making it a statement piece within your wedding decor. For your seating chart to be a real show-stopper, consider using your wedding color palette to create something beautiful and eye-catching. Add touches of gold or silver, pastel blooms, or anything else that reflects your desired aesthetic. Use elements of calligraphy to give it a unique and special touch. Why not even incorporate fun props like balloon garlands, dried blossoms, little chalkboard stands, or vintage books? With careful planning, you will have an extraordinary seating chart that won't need to take a back seat.

2. Get Creative with Your Escort Cards

One of the best things about choosing escort cards for your wedding seating signs is that you can get creative. They don’t have to be “cards” at all and can be alternatives, such as a glass of bubbly, fruit, or candles. As you can see in the pictures, for Lizzie & Chris’ wedding, we had their escort cards double as their wedding favors. This was an eco-friendly option that guests loved.

3. Be Efficient with Your Place Cards

Whether you opt for a seating chart or escort cards, you’ll also need place cards if you want guests to sit at specific seats at each table. One way to minimize waste for an eco-friendly Lake Tahoe wedding is to have your place cards double as meal indicator cards. Have each card subtly marked with a different color or accent to indicate to the caterers which meal each guest requested. (Just make sure the server can see the marks from four feet away!)

Have a Seat and Let Epic Thyme Take Care of the Details

If you’re looking for an experienced, eco-friendly Lake Tahoe wedding planner to help you design and execute the celebration of a lifetime, you’ve found us. At Epic Thyme, we’ll help you plan a one-of-a-kind wedding without missing a detail because all the little details matter. Most importantly, the Epic Thyme team is committed to ensuring you have a perfect wedding and a darn good time planning it with our all-inclusive Lake Tahoe wedding planning services. Ready to start planning your wedding in Lake Tahoe? Reach out to us today–we can’t wait to hear from you!


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