Design and Styling

Our background is not only in event planning but design and styling as well. Will help you to conceptualize your vision at the outset and turn it into a reality. Here are the steps below! 

This process culminates into a celebration that emulates the vibe you both share.   

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Our wedding planning software is built to make your lives easier and more efficient! 


We wanted to write out a few things that we are in charge of during the day of your event

Lead Ceremony Rehearsal

Oversee vendor setup

Troubleshoot issues

Keep event schedule on-time

Cross-check all vendor setups

Monitor and adjust the ongoing timeline 

Monitor seat requests

Respond to bridal party requests

Set special custom decor
Manage vendor meals
Organize wedding items

Cue processional
Cue musicians

Cue ceremony

Cue bride & groom

Cue grand entrance 

Cue for toasts

Cue dances

Cue cake-cutting

Cue garter toss

Cue bouquet toss

Cue grand exit

Cue lasers dance

Execute exit stragey 

Time Investment 

It takes a village to plan and produce a wedding you will be proud of.  About 380 hours for a good wedding and 500 hours for a WOW wedding.  The time investment is usually split 35% couple and 65% planner. At a minimum expect to invest 150 hours, whereas your planner will contribute at a minimum of 230 hours.