As a dedicated full-service wedding planning company, when you choose to work with us, you receive guidance and hands-on support for everything you need to plan a perfect wedding. We are involved in it all, from budget management to vendor selection to design inspiration, venue coordination, day-of management, and more. Anything you can think of in regards to wedding planning is included in our full-service wedding planning package. Yes, even touring venues and reviewing vendor contracts, curating signature drink recipes that match the vibe of your event, and proofreading your wedding website to ensure a positive guest experience. All the little details matter, and we take care of them all. 

Most importantly, the Epic Thyme team is committed to ensuring you have a perfect wedding and a darn good time planning it. Professional to a fault yet down to earth, Our team makes wedding planning look and feel effortless so that you can focus on having an Epic Thyme at the wedding of your dreams.

Design and Styling

Our background is not only in event planning but design and styling as well. Will help you to conceptualize your vision at the outset and turn it into a reality. Here are the steps below! 

This process culminates into a celebration that emulates the vibe you both share.   

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Our wedding planning software is built to make your lives easier and more efficient! 

Time Investment 

It takes a village to plan and produce a wedding you will be proud of.  About 380 hours for a good wedding and 500 hours for a WOW wedding.  The time investment is usually split 35% couple and 65% planner. At a minimum expect to invest 150 hours, whereas your planner will contribute at a minimum of 230 hours. 

What Does a Wedding Planner do?

Do you know whether you should cut your wedding cake before or after your first dance? If you’re unsure, you should hire a planner! While it seems like a minuscule detail, these little things drastically impact the entire vibe of your wedding. To ensure your wedding is perfect for you and your guests, you need a wedding planner to take care of the not-so-obvious yet extremely essential tasks that make a wedding go from great to WOW. What does a wedding planner do?

How much does a Wedding Planner Cost?

Hiring a wedding planner is one instance where spending more money will actually save you time, energy, and money. Planners are experts at coordinating all aspects of your big day so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. However, we know the million-dollar question is how much does a wedding planner cost for a Lake Tahoe wedding? While we can’t speak for all Lake Tahoe wedding planners, we are excited to educate you on everything you need to know when considering a wedding planner and share the cost of our wedding planning services.