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Lake Tahoe Wedding Colors and Palettes Inspired by Nature

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Choosing your wedding colors is an important decision, but it’s not always the easiest one. Your options are nearly endless when it comes to the colors and combinations you have to choose from. However, because your colors set the tone of your wedding and impact the ambiance, you should consider your options carefully before settling on your palette. Read on for our best tips for choosing your Lake Tahoe wedding colors, including using nature to inspire your palette.

Choosing Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Colors: 3 Things to Consider

Lake Tahoe Wedding Colors, Lake Tahoe Wedding Palette, Lake Tahoe Wedding, Wedding Colors, Tahoe Wedding

1. Consider Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue

Your venue will play a role in the wedding colors you choose. With an indoor venue, there are certain design elements you cannot change, such as the flooring, wall colors, and built-in decor. Because of this, it’s essential to tour your wedding venue before choosing a color palette to ensure your colors of choice don’t clash with the colors of the venue. It’s best to do this for both indoor and outdoor wedding venues to ensure a coordinated look.

2. Consider the Season of Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

The time of year you have your wedding also plays a role in your wedding color palette. For example, fall wedding colors tend to incorporate deeper hues of orange, red, and green; whereas, summer colors tend to be lighter and brighter. Of course, there are no set and stone rules, and you can choose any color you want regardless of the season.

3. Consider What Emotions Colors Evoke

Lastly, consider the different emotions specific colors evoke to ensure your colors match the vibe you want for your wedding.

Red: Most commonly chosen by bold, vibrant couples, red evokes a sense of confidence and high energy. However, deeper tones can give off a romantic vibe when paired with more subtle colors like light pink or navy blue.

Green: The color green represents peace, calm, and tranquility, making it a good choice for couples who want an earthy, laid-back wedding. Using shades of green in your Lake Tahoe wedding color palette is a great choice, especially for an outdoor wedding surrounded by the greenery of nature.

Blue: There are so many beautiful shades of blue, many of which reflect in Lake Tahoe itself, which is why it’s a common color for lakeside weddings. Because the color blue represents depth, serenity, and harmony, it tends to set a warm wedding vibe.

Yellow: Often used in summer weddings, the color yellow represents happiness, energy, and optimism, which are great vibes to give off at your wedding. However, if you like what yellow symbolizes but don’t want it to be your primary color, consider using a more subtle shade of yellow as an accent color in your pallet alongside green or lavender.

Pink: The color pink represents love and romance, so it’s no wonder many couples choose to incorporate shades of pink into their wedding color palette.

Orange: Orange is a versatile color with shades that work well in weddings of all seasons. Because the color orange represents encouragement, enjoyment, and enthusiasm, finding a shade that works well within your palette will bring a great vibe to your wedding.

How to Incorporate Colors from Lake Tahoe Nature into Your Wedding

With all of the above in mind, there are a few ways to draw inspiration from nature to put together the perfect Lake Tahoe wedding color palette. Start by looking at the colors surrounding your venue because Tahoe boasts many different types of outdoor scenery. There’s the actual blue lake, of course. But there are also beautiful Lake Tahoe wedding venues in lush forests surrounded by deep green trees or in wide-open meadows filled with earthy tones.

Blue Tahoe Wedding Colors and Palettes

They don’t say “Keep Tahoe Blue” for no reason. The shades of blue in the water are simply breathtaking. You can use these colors to inspire a blue wedding palette with neutral accent colors to tie in the sandy beaches and dusty mountains in the distance.

Green Tahoe Wedding Colors and Palettes

The forests surrounding Lake Tahoe are filled with vibrant colors that can be used together beautifully. A greenery-centered color palette is brought to life by including deep accent colors like gold and deep red.

Neutral Tahoe Wedding Colors and Palettes

The great thing about nature is there are so many colors to choose from. However, not all couples want a stand-out color palette. Instead, opt for neutral colors of various tones and hues that seem to be an extension of nature itself.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

When using Lake Tahoe colors to inspire your wedding palette, the options are endless. The most important thing is that you love the atmosphere your colors create. At Epic Thyme, we know the importance the little details play in ensuring your wedding is everything you’ve dreamed of. That’s why we help you with all things wedding and design, including choosing the perfect Lake Tahoe wedding colors for your venue, season, and wedding vision. Contact us today for more information about our Lake Tahoe wedding planning and design services.

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