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Fall Wedding Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

By: Lydia Mattern

Fall Wedding

If you haven’t noticed by the grocery store shelves being stocked with pumpkin-spiced everything, the leaves beginning to turn colors, and Starbucks bringing back their infamous Pumpkin-Spiced Latte, it’s officially Fall (as of September 22, 2020)!

Whether or not Fall is your favorite season, Fall weddings are on an up-trend, and for good reason. Not only is the cool, crisp weather enticing, but many couples who postponed their 2020 wedding due to COVID-19 have rescheduled for Fall 2021.

There are so many fun wedding trends that make sweater-weather weddings unique, dreamy, and breathtaking.

If you are inspired by the change of weather, have rescheduled your COVID wedding to Fall of 2021, or are simply looking for cooler-weather wedding inspiration, here are 7 Fall wedding trends that will have you FALL-ing in love with the idea of a seasonal wedding.

Ditch the Bright Flowers for Dark, Earthy Floral Arrangements

When you think of Fall, what colors come to mind? Likely you think of earthy colors like burnt orange, olive green, and deep red. When it comes to floral arrangements for Fall weddings, these colors are trending, and fortunately, gorgeous flowers like Lilies, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Chrysanthemum are available in these colors.

But when it comes to Fall weddings, flowers aren’t the only greenery you’ll find in the bouquets. Pampas Grass is a trending new floral element. This boho-chic element adds character to any floral arrangement or treatment.

Fall Wedding

Add a Hint of Velvet

Velvet accents are trending for Fall weddings. Hints of velvet material in traditional Fall colors add a layer of romance and texture to your wedding decor. Consider tying a velvet ribbon around your floral bouquet or using velvet to line your tables at the reception.

Fall in Love With an Outdoor Venue

With Fall bringing cooler weather and gorgeous colors, it is no wonder that many couples who have their wedding during the fall season opt for an outdoor wedding venue. The natural colors of the changing leaves provide the perfect backdrop for a boho-chic style wedding. And the cooler weather provides a more comfortable experience for both you, your family, and all your wedding guests.

While there are fun and unique ways to keep your wedding guests cool during a summer wedding, come Fall you can focus on other aspects of your wedding since heat likely won’t be an issue.

The one element that could get in the way of your outdoor Fall wedding is heavy rain. At Epic Thyme, we suggest you research past history on your wedding date to increase your odds of having the perfect weather for your special day.

Marry Under a Rustic Ceremony Structure

Those boho-chic floral arrangements we were just talking about are finding their way onto ceremony structures. Most often made of wood and sporting a circular, rectangle, or asymmetrical arch shape, these structures are all over Pinterest and are the perfect way to showcase a rustic and romantic Fall style.

Fall Wedding

Get Creative With Your Food Choices

Traditional wedding dinners are not the trend for Fall weddings. Instead, interactive food stations are the new creative element for weddings. Think pie stations (hello pumpkin pie), caramel apple stations with topping choices galore, and apple cider stations, spiced in a different way, if you know what we mean.

These creative food elements provide a fun and unique experience for your wedding guests. Plus, they fit perfectly with traditional fall-favorite dishes.

Go with Wedding Tents and Twinkle Lights

Since Fall weddings are more often than not taking place outdoors, wedding tents and twinkle lights are finding their place in Fall wedding decor. Elegant tents lined with whimsical lights provide a romantic atmosphere for your wedding. Plus, both elements are practical, too.

Since there is a greater chance of rain during the Fall months, tents provide a layer of protection from the elements, while still matching your wedding decor. And twinkle lights will provide light if your wedding day lives on into the night.

Expect Mini-Stories From Many More People

If you attend a Fall 2021 wedding, you may notice there are a lot more speeches happening than the traditional best man and maid of honor toasts. Hearing stories about the newlyweds from many more people are becoming the norm, especially at intimate weddings, which are on the rise for Fall 2021.

We love this trend. With a story-time, couples get to hear fun memories and be showered with love from many of their closest friends and family. Even more, couples themselves may share a story or take a moment to thank their wedding guests for joining them on their most special day.

If you are planning a Fall wedding, consider setting aside intentional time for additional stories friends or family members may want to share.

Plan Your Fall Wedding With Epic Thyme

Fall Wedding

Did any of these dreamy Fall wedding trends inspire you to have your special day during this beloved season?

You can start planning your 2021 Fall wedding today with inspiration from these Fall wedding trends and help from Epic Thyme.

We have planned countless boho-chic Fall weddings and can’t wait to hear how we can bring your wedding dream to life.

For more inspiration, you can check out some of the past weddings we have planned and designed here, and follow us on Instagram for our most recent weddings.

Then, be sure to reach out to us with any questions. We’d love to get to know you and start planning your Fall wedding today!

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