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The Best Ideas for Planning a Wedding in the Spring in Lake Tahoe

Ideas for a wedding in the spring in Lake Tahoe

Planning a wedding in the spring in Lake Tahoe? You’re in for a treat. Spring in Lake Tahoe is absolutely magical. As the snow begins to thaw, the region transforms into a vibrant panorama of blooming wildflowers and lush greenery. It’s the perfect backdrop to say “I do.” Keep reading for more details and spring wedding ideas to ensure your special day is unforgettable. 

Is Spring a Good Season to Get Married in Lake Tahoe?

Absolutely, spring is a fantastic season to get married in Lake Tahoe. As winter recedes, the area bursts into life with blooming wildflowers, creating a vibrant and picturesque setting for your special day. The weather is generally mild and comfortable, perfect for an outdoor ceremony against the stunning backdrop of the lake and mountains. Plus, the extended daylight hours offer ample time for wedding photos and outdoor activities for your guests.

However, it's worth noting that spring weather can be unpredictable, so having a backup plan or choosing a venue with both indoor and outdoor options would be prudent. Overall, a wedding in the spring in Lake Tahoe can provide a unique blend of natural beauty and favorable conditions, making it an excellent choice for your nuptials.

What is the Best Month for a Spring Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

Each spring month has its pros and cons. Here are some considerations when choosing the best month for your springtime wedding:



  • Beautiful snowy landscapes provide a unique backdrop for wedding photos.

  • Less crowded, as it's still considered an off-peak season.

  • Potential for discounted rates on venues and accommodations due to the off-peak season.


  • Weather can be unpredictable with chances of snowfall.

  • Outdoor ceremonies may be chilly, requiring heaters or a backup indoor venue.

  • Some roads might be closed due to winter conditions, potentially causing travel difficulties.



  • The transition period between winter and spring brings a mix of snowy and green landscapes.

  • Wildflowers start to bloom, adding color to the scenery.

  • The weather starts to warm up, making outdoor ceremonies more comfortable.


  • April showers are a possibility, which could disrupt outdoor plans.

  • Still slightly off-peak, so some tourist amenities may not be fully operational.

  • Cooler nights might require additional planning for evening events.



  • Full swing of spring with abundant blooming flowers and greenery.

  • Warmer temperatures allow for comfortable outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

  • Longer daylight hours provide more time for photos and festivities.


  • May is more popular for weddings, which might mean higher prices and more competition for venues and vendors.

  • Weather is generally stable, but occasional spring storms can occur.

  • As tourist season approaches, there might be more crowds at popular spots.

What are the Best Spring Activities in Lake Tahoe for Wedding Guests?

Lake Tahoe offers a range of activities in spring for wedding guests that cater to both adventure seekers and those looking for relaxation. Here are the best ones:

  • Hiking: There are several scenic trails, like the Rubicon Trail, Eagle Falls, and Van Sickle Bi-State Park, where guests can connect with nature and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

  • Visiting Fallen Leaf Lake and Emerald Bay: These are must-see locations for their stunning views.

  • Waterfall Tours: Spring is an excellent time for waterfall hikes because of the snowmelt.

  • Mountain Biking: For those seeking a bit more adrenaline, mountain biking is a popular spring activity, and rentals are available.

  • Spring Season Skiing: Even in spring, guests can hit the slopes for some skiing.

Trust us, there is not a shortage of spring activities in Lake Tahoe for your guests! Check out our article on things to do in Tahoe for even more ideas!

Spring Wedding Ideas Galore!

Okay, now let’s get to the fun part: planning your wedding in the spring in Lake Tahoe! We’re sharing our best and most creative spring wedding ideas to help you plan your dream celebration.

Spring Wedding Theme Ideas 

While it’s not required to have a theme for your wedding, it can add a unique touch to your celebration. Here are some themes and spring wedding decor ideas to match!

Enchanted Garden

An enchanted garden theme is perfect for a wedding in the spring, making the most of blooming flowers and fresh greenery. You can incorporate elements like floral arches, whimsical fairy lights, and garden-inspired centerpieces. Consider using a palette of pastels, such as lavender, pink, and soft green, to reflect the natural beauty of spring.

Rustic Elegance

This theme combines the warmth of rustic charm with the sophistication of elegant details. Think barn venues, wooden signage, burlap accents, and lace table runners. For color schemes, consider earthy tones paired with pops of spring colors, like yellows or blues.

Lakeside Bohemian

Embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings with a boho-themed wedding in the spring in Lake Tahoe. Think about using a lakeside venue, where you can set up a ceremonial arch adorned with local wildflowers and greenery. For decor, opt for macrame hangings, mismatched rugs, and dream catchers to add that bohemian charm.

Ideas for a wedding in the spring in Lake Tahoe

Spring Wedding Color Ideas

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for your wedding color palette. Anything goes as long as you love it. With that in mind, these are some of our favorite combos!

Soft Jewel Tones

Soft jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your spring wedding while keeping it light and airy. These colors can be incorporated into your decorations, floral arrangements, and even your wedding attire.

Navy and Lavender 

Pairing navy with springtime colors like lavender can create a beautiful contrast that's both unique and visually striking. Navy can provide a deep, rich background against which the lighter colors can pop.

Blush, Gold, and Navy Blue

This palette combines the romance of blush, the luxury of gold, and the depth of navy blue. It's a versatile palette that can work well with a variety of wedding styles, from classic to modern.

Pastel Palette

A pastel color scheme featuring light tones like pale pink, sky blue, buttercup yellow, and lilac is a classic choice for a wedding in the spring. These colors can give your wedding a soft, romantic, and whimsical feel.

Blue, Purple, and Pink

This vibrant color palette is perfect for a spring wedding that exudes joy and energy. The combination of these colors can create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere that reflects the blooming flowers of the season.

Spring Wedding Cake Ideas

Spring wedding cakes offer a delightful blend of color, creativity, and seasonal charm. Many couples opt for pastel confections or bright cakes adorned with spring florals to celebrate their nuptials. Some popular ideas include pink and gold cakes on swings, three-tier soft iced cakes decorated with fresh daisies and eucalyptus, and watercolor cakes that add a touch of whimsy without being overwhelming. 

There's also a trend for sleek buttercream cakes, which can be embellished with gold foil, painted blooms, marble touches, and topped with fresh blooms. Hand-painted pastel cakes and sky-blue floral cakes with edible nasturtium blooms are other swoon-worthy options. Whether you want something bold or prefer a more understated design, there's no shortage of beautiful, seasonal, and seriously gorgeous spring wedding cake ideas to choose from.

5 Alternative Dessert Ideas

If you want something more unique than a traditional wedding cake, these dessert alternatives are excellent options:

  1. Macaron Tower: A tower of macarons in pastel colors can be a visually stunning alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

  2. Cupcake Display: A display of cupcakes in various flavors allows guests to choose their favorite, adding a fun and interactive element to your dessert offering.

  3. Donut Wall: A wall of donuts with a variety of flavors and toppings can be an exciting and modern alternative to the classic wedding cake.

  4. Ice Cream Bar: An ice cream bar with a selection of flavors and toppings that caters to all ages and is perfect for a warm spring wedding.

  5. Fruit Tarts: Mini fruit tarts made with fresh, in-season fruits can be a refreshing and light dessert option for a spring wedding.

Spring Wedding Flower Ideas

Flowers and spring go together like you and your finacé! Here’s a list of flowers in bloom and spring wedding decor ideas for how to use them.


Tulips are classic spring flowers that symbolically represent love and happy years, perfect for celebrating the start of a marriage. They come in a wide range of colors, including pink, yellow, red, purple, and white, making it easy to coordinate with other wedding decorations. You could use a beautiful bouquet of tulips as a centerpiece or scatter individual tulips across the tables for a simple yet elegant look.


Known for their lush, full blooms and sweet fragrance, peonies are ideal for a romantic spring wedding. They come in soft shades like white, cream, and pastel pink, which are perfect for a delicate and feminine wedding theme. Peonies can be used in bouquets, centerpieces, or even as a floral backdrop for photo opportunities.


Nothing says spring quite like the sunny, cheerful bloom of daffodils. These flowers can bring a vibrant pop of yellow to your wedding decor, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere. Use them in your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, or as part of your table decor to brighten up your wedding day.

Cherry Blossoms

If you're lucky enough to have a wedding during cherry blossom season, these flowers can make for a stunning addition to your wedding decor. The soft pink flowers can create a dreamy, ethereal vibe when used in decorations. Consider incorporating cherry blossoms into your archway, centerpieces, or even the wedding cake for a unique spring touch.


Hydrangeas are popular for weddings due to their voluminous, cloud-like blooms. They work well in large arrangements, such as table centerpieces, and can add a touch of elegance to any wedding venue. Available in colors like blue, pink, purple, and white, hydrangeas are versatile and can fit into almost any color scheme.

Lake Tahoe spring wedding flower ideas

Spring Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

While it’s common to use your wedding flowers in your centerpieces, here are some other ideas if you want to switch things up a bit:

  1. Lantern and Moss: Create a warm, ethereal glow with lanterns filled with LED candles, surrounded by lush green moss for a woodland feel.

  2. Fruit-filled Glass Vases: Layer different fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges in clear glass vases for a vibrant, fresh, and natural tablescape.

  3. Vintage Books and Candles: Stack vintage books at varying heights and top them off with small candles for a romantic, old-world charm.

  4. Terrarium and Succulents: A terrarium filled with various types of succulents can be a low-maintenance, unique, and eco-friendly centerpiece option.

  5. Wine Corks and Grapes: For a vineyard wedding, consider filling large glass vessels with wine corks and clusters of faux grapes for an authentic and rustic touch.

Spring Wedding Food Ideas

When it comes to food, the season's fresh and vibrant produce should take center stage. Start with appetizers featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as mini strawberry bruschettas or cucumber and dill tea sandwiches. For the main course, consider dishes that incorporate fresh herbs, tender spring lamb, or succulent salmon. 

Spring also sees the arrival of an array of beautiful, edible flowers that can be used for garnishing salads, desserts, or even cocktails. Speaking of desserts, light and fruity options are ideal for a spring wedding. Consider a lemon or raspberry wedding cake or a dessert bar featuring an assortment of mini fruit tarts, macaroons, and pastel-colored cupcakes. Don't forget to offer refreshing beverages like infused water, herbal teas, and sparkling wine to keep guests hydrated and happy.

Spring Wedding Favor Ideas

It’s a kind gesture to give your guests a take-home item from your wedding. From eco-friendly wedding favors to edible delights, here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Personalized Seed Packets: Give your guests personalized seed packets that they can plant in their gardens, a beautiful symbol of your growing love.

  • Honey Jars: Mini jars of locally sourced honey make sweet and eco-friendly favors that guests can enjoy long after the wedding.

  • Customized Mini Champagne Bottles: Celebrate with mini bottles of champagne or prosecco, personalized with your name and wedding date for a festive touch.

  • Succulent Plants: Small potted succulents or herbs are a lovely, long-lasting favor that guests can continue to nurture at home.

  • Handcrafted Soaps: Offer beautifully wrapped, handcrafted soaps in spring scents like lavender or citrus, which can be a luxurious treat for your guests.

  • Personalized Tea Bags: Custom tea bags with a blend of your favorite flavors can provide a cozy, personal touch that your guests will appreciate.

Ideas for a wedding in the spring in Lake Tahoe

Let’s Bring Your Favorite Lake Tahoe Spring Wedding Ideas to Life

At Epic Thyme, we’re obsessed with spring in Lake Tahoe, weddings, and ensuring your dream day is perfect. If you’re ready to plan the wedding of your dreams, we’d love to be the team that brings it to life. Learn more about our wedding planning services, or contact us today to chat about your vision!


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