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How to Plan a Wedding for $100,000 in Lake Tahoe

How to Plan a Wedding for 100,000 in Lake Tahoe, 100k Lake Tahoe Wedding

One of the first things every newly engaged couple should do before wedding planning begins is determine a wedding budget. You need to know how much you have to spend before setting your heart on a venue, dress, or wedding style that is just out of reach. Whether you plan on fronting the bill yourselves or have friends or family pitching in, you need a starting place. If you’ve always envisioned getting married in Lake Tahoe, you may be wondering how much money you need to cover all the costs. While Lake Tahoe weddings can be expensive–up to $500,000 for some–it is possible to have a beautiful and memorable event without breaking the bank. Learn how to plan a wedding for $100,000 in Lake Tahoe with a bit of creativity, careful planning, and help from Epic Thyme.

Here’s How to Plan a Wedding for $100,000 in Lake Tahoe

Planning a 100k wedding in Lake Tahoe is totally doable. While there are many factors that determine your actual wedding costs, here’s a $100,000 wedding budget guide to give you an idea of what you can get for a 100k wedding. This example is for a 100-person wedding with all the traditional elements, vendors, and events.

Planning a 100-Person Lake Tahoe Wedding for $100,000

  • Venues: $13,000

  • Wedding Planner: $11,995 (If you’re curious about what you get for the cost of a Lake Tahoe wedding planner, check out this blog post and this blog post for all the details.)

  • Rentals and Decorations: $10,000

  • Dress, Accessories and Alterations: $5,500 (Sometimes this is not included!)

  • Suit: $750 (Depends on custom or rental)

  • Beauty (including mothers): $2,000

  • Stationary & Stamps: $1,555

  • Officiant: Free (if you ask a friend or family member to do it since anyone can get ordained for free). We still recommend paying for their hotel: $350

  • Photography: $7,000

  • Catering: $120/pp = $12,000

  • Cake: $15/pp = $1,500

  • Bar and Beverage: $75/pp = $7,500

  • DJ: $2,600 (It would be around $10,000 for a band)

  • Transportation: $3,500

  • Set-up and Break Down Staff: $1,500

  • Florals: $9,000

  • Favors and Gifts: $1,500

  • Travel and Accommodations for Couple and Vendors: $3,000

  • Tips: $1,500

The TOTAL cost of this Lake Tahoe wedding budget example is $95,750! This doesn’t include additional items or upgrades, like a rehearsal dinner, which can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on the formality. However, it provides an excellent example of how to plan a wedding for $100,000 in Lake Tahoe.

Customizing Your $100,000 Lake Tahoe Wedding

While the above example of what you can get for a 100k wedding in Tahoe is a good starting point, you don’t have to follow the budget guide to a T when planning your wedding. At Epic Thyme, we understand that everyone has unique circumstances and desires for their dream wedding. Some couples prioritize the venues, spending upwards of $24,000 on event spaces. Other couples want a wedding videographer and are willing to spend less on a venue to accommodate an additional $8,000 cinema item. How you spend your wedding budget depends on your priorities as a couple. Whatever is most important to you is where the Epic Thyme team will help you focus your time, efforts, and resources.

Additionally, the 100k wedding budget example is for a 100-person wedding. If you opt for a smaller guest list or a micro wedding, you won’t spend nearly as much on food and drinks. That opens up space in your budget to put more money toward other things, like a post-wedding day brunch or the most elaborate florals you can imagine. On the contrary, a larger guest list will increase the cost of your wedding because you’re buying dinner and rentals for more people.

What is a Realistic Budget for a Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

A realistic budget for a wedding and a realistic budget for a wedding in Lake Tahoe are two very different things. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful and sought-after wedding destinations in the world. Year after year, the cost of a Tahoe wedding increases. In 2022, Tahoe weddings will cost the most they ever have due to the overall social and political environment. At Epic Thyme, we recommend a starting budget of no less than $75,000 for a traditional wedding, along with some flexibility, as a smaller budget may require you to get creative and spend less in certain areas.

When deciding how much money you need to plan a wedding, consider your planner first, the location second, and your other essential vendors third. Then, dive into your “must-haves” and “it-would-be-nice-to-haves” to decide where to allocate your funds.

How to Plan a Wedding for $100,000 with Epic Thyme

If you’re dreaming of a luxury wedding in picturesque Lake Tahoe, we can help make that dream a reality–without breaking the bank. Our team of expert planners and designers knows how to plan an unforgettable $100,000 Tahoe wedding. And if you want even more ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out our wedding blog for tons of tips and amazing photos from real couples who tied the knot with us. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our full-service wedding planning package!


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