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Lake Tahoe Wedding Trends You Must Know in 2022

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Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the United States, with the area hosting over 13,000 weddings each year. If you’re planning to say “I do” here in 2022 or beyond, it’s important to know how the Tahoe wedding industry has changed over the past few years. COVID drastically impacted the wedding industry overall, and the Lake Tahoe area continues to see effects of supply chain shortages, inflation, and vendor burn-out. Keep reading to learn more about these Lake Tahoe wedding trends and what they mean for couples who want to get married in the Tahoe area. Plus, learn how Epic Thyme can help ensure you still have the Lake Tahoe wedding of your dreams in the midst of these changes.

3 Lake Tahoe Wedding Trends to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

From the lake’s clear blue water to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada and Carson mountain ranges, Lake Tahoe is a breathtaking, majestic wedding location. Because of this, Lake Tahoe wedding trends suggest the number of couples getting married in the area will continue to increase. If you’re one of those couples who dream of having your wedding in Tahoe, here are three other Lake Tahoe wedding trends to consider.

1. The Cost of a Lake Tahoe Wedding Continues to Rise

While we’re incredibly grateful for the recent snowfall in Tahoe that caused the lake to rise close to its natural rim, the cost of a Lake Tahoe wedding continues to rise as well. As a result of supply chain shortages, inflation, and the overall economic environment in the midst of COVID, the cost of a Lake Tahoe wedding is significantly higher than in previous years. Couples wanting a luxury Lake Tahoe wedding need a minimum budget of $80,000 to $100,000, depending on the size of their wedding.

2. Booking Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors Has Become an Art Form

Wedding vendors are an essential part of your wedding–they are the ones who bring your vision to life. COVID drastically impacted many vendors in one of two ways: causing them to burn out or be booked months, if not years, in advance. Additionally, the housing crisis has pushed many vendors to the outskirts of Tahoe (Reno, Sierra, Foothills, Placerville, etc.). Wedding planners and vendors must now travel further to meet with clients, chat with vendors, and coordinate these aspects of your wedding.

Navigating COVID in 2020 and 2021 was not easy for any of us. Many wedding vendors saw a significant decline in business as couples canceled and postponed their weddings. Unfortunately, some could not recover from the financial, physical, and emotional stress and had to leave the industry. Now, the vendors still in business are taking on even more weddings. From rescheduled events to vendor shortages, booking preferred vendors is not easy; often, someone else has already secured your date. Fortunately, at Epic Thyme, we have excellent relationships with local vendors and can help our couples book some of the best professionals in the industry, regardless.

3. COVID Continues to Bring Uncertainty

Although we all like to talk about “post-COVID” weddings, the truth is that COVID is still impacting the wedding industry in Lake Tahoe. From vaccine requirements to updated social distancing and mask guidelines to new variants, we’re not quite in the clear yet. Couples still need to consider the health and safety of their guests and be prepared for last-minute changes that may alter their wedding plans. Managing wedding disappointment when things don’t go as planned is essential in this climate.

What These Lake Tahoe Wedding Trends Mean for Couples in 2022

So, what do all of these Lake Tahoe wedding trends mean for couples planning their weddings in 2022 and beyond? First and foremost, it means you need to hire a local wedding planner now more than ever. Whereas hiring a wedding planner used to be a luxury, it has now become a necessity. Curious if you really need a wedding planner to have a Lake Tahoe wedding? Check out this blog post, where we share the not-so-obvious, yet essential tasks your wedding planner does to ensure your day is perfect.

Second, these Lake Tahoe wedding trends emphasize the importance of solidifying wedding details well in advance. Planning your wedding in 9 to 12 months may not be enough time to book the wedding venue and vendors you want and need. The sooner you begin the planning process, the better. And if you want or need to have a shorter engagement, that’s okay! It’ll just be extra important for you to be flexible regarding your wedding details.

Lastly, because COVID is still hanging around, couples will need to consider the guest experience even more. One great way to ensure the health and safety of your friends and family is to choose an outdoor wedding venue with ample space for guests to spread out and keep their preferred distance. One of our favorite outdoor wedding venues in Lake Tahoe is The Olympic Valley Stables. You can also check out our complete Tahoe venue guide here.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Trends Won’t Stop Us from Having an Epic Thyme

At Epic Thyme, we’ll still be celebrating love and marriage in Lake Tahoe in 2022 and beyond. We know that these Lake Tahoe wedding trends give you more to think about, but we’re committed to planning your perfect wedding regardless. Vendor shortages and COVID precautions might change how weddings are planned, but they won’t stop us from doing what we love to do! With our years of experience and understanding of what it takes to plan a Tahoe wedding, we’re confident we can design the wedding you’ve always wanted. Contact our team to learn more about hiring Epic Thyme as your Lake Tahoe wedding planner.


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