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How Do You Have a Luxury Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

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Quality, excellence, and customization are critical elements of a luxury wedding. These elaborate events reach a particular standard of quality only attainable through a comprehensive, cohesive planning and design process that feels original and elevated from start to finish. Read on to learn more about what defines these opulent celebrations and how to have a luxury wedding in Lake Tahoe.

What is a Luxury Wedding?

Before diving into the details of how to plan a luxury wedding in Lake Tahoe, it’s important to understand what exactly “luxury” means. Luxury weddings tend to be more expensive than traditional weddings. However, what makes a wedding “luxury” isn’t the price tag. All the precise details that turn a wedding into a luxurious multi-day experience for the couple and their guests add up, making such weddings more costly.

The main difference between a traditional wedding and a luxury wedding in Lake Tahoe is that the latter includes a more extensive series of events surrounding the wedding. While your typical wedding consists of a rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception, a luxury wedding includes those and so much more.

Additionally, it’s important to note that “luxury” doesn’t define a wedding style. Not all luxury weddings feature gold color pallets, hanging chandeliers, or copious amounts of “bling.” In fact, most Lake Tahoe luxury weddings are quite the opposite, featuring rustic, earthy, organic styles. What makes any wedding “luxury” is the attention to the fine details.

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What Defines a Lake Tahoe Luxury Wedding?

A luxury Lake Tahoe wedding isn’t defined by a high price tag but by the minute details. Many Epic Thyme couples want a luxury wedding with rustic, bohemian-style elements. They are looking for customized components throughout the setting, decorations, and events. Everything about a luxury wedding is unique. For example, a typical wedding invitation may include a single printout with the ceremony details. On the other hand, a luxury wedding invitation is made of specific, high-quality paper or material that ties with the couple’s wedding style and theme in an exquisite way. The “luxury” is in the attention to details that go above and beyond the average wedding.

Luxury Weddings in Lake Tahoe are Multi-Day Experiences

Couples who want a luxury wedding know to hire a wedding planner as soon as they’re engaged. Such weddings require a lot of time to plan and execute, so the sooner the planning begins, the better. Additionally, luxury weddings are multi-day events with various celebrations, starting with the engagement party. Other events include a resort pool party or Lake Tahoe Boat Charter, a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, post-wedding brunch, as well as entertainment and activities throughout the wedding weekend.

How Do You Have a Luxury Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

Luxury Wedding in Lake Tahoe, How Do You Have a Luxury Wedding, Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner, Luxury Wedding Planner

1. To Have a Luxury Wedding, You Need a Luxury Wedding Planner

If you want a luxury Lake Tahoe wedding, the first thing you must do is hire an experienced Lake Tahoe wedding planner. You simply cannot plan, design, and execute a luxury wedding on your own. It is a full-time job that requires hundreds of hours of coordination and planning. Partnering with a luxury wedding planner in Lake Tahoe ensures your celebration comes together precisely as you want it to.

2. To Have a Luxury Wedding, You Need a Substantial Budget

Luxury weddings are expensive because of the various events and customized elements throughout. Because of this, you need a six-figure budget. A typical Lake Tahoe luxury wedding costs between $100,000 and $500,000. However, the cost of your luxury wedding depends on the size of your guest list and the price per guest. For example, a wedding with 50 guests that costs between $80,000 and $90,000 can still be considered “luxury” due to spending nearly $2,000 per guest. You can learn more about how much a Lake Tahoe wedding costs here.

3. To Have a Luxury Wedding, You Need to Plan Well in Advance

Planning every little detail of a luxury wedding takes time, so it’s essential to begin planning your event well in advance of your wedding date. There’s no need to rush such an elaborate celebration. Additionally, the more lead-time there is, the more likely you’ll be able to book the exact venues and vendors you want for your various events. Most luxury weddings take place in multiple locations and venues throughout Tahoe for a robust experience. Each venue matches the event’s vibe, whether a welcome party on the Lake or a romantic dinner with mountain views. Each event needs its own venue and vendors, which must be booked months, if not a year ahead of time.

4. To Have a Luxury Wedding, You Need to Focus on the Guest Experience

A unique element of a luxury wedding is the emphasis on the guest experience. Some couples go as far as ensuring each guest is taken care of throughout the weekend, including accommodations and transportation. Hospitality is prioritized, and the guest experience is considered throughout the planning process. Luxury is less about how a wedding looks and more about how it feels. It is an experience that is lived and enjoyed. Because of this, not a detail is missed. The less guests have to worry or think about logistics, and the more they can simply live in the moment, the better.

Have a Luxury Wedding in Lake Tahoe with Epic Thyme

As one of the select luxury wedding planners in Lake Tahoe, Epic Thyme creates exquisite weddings for couples. Our full-service design and planning services go beyond surface-level execution. Each element of your wedding is orchestrated in a thoughtful, intentional, and cohesive way. The entire wedding weekend flows seamlessly, creating a one-of-a-kind, customized experience for you and your valued guests. You can learn more about our luxury wedding planning services here. Then, contact us today to begin the process of bringing your celebration to life.


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