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12 Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Eco Friendly Wedding Decorations Ideas for a Lake Tahoe Wedding

We’re passionate about a few things here at Epic Thyme Events: our couples, their weddings, and the earth. As an eco-friendly wedding planner in Lake Tahoe, we create breathtaking, highly-personalized, sustainable weddings. It’s important to know where wedding items come from, how they’re made, and what to do with them after the wedding to ensure we’re not wasteful. We love finding creative ways to make sure your wedding is everything you envisioned while choosing sustainable solutions and eco-friendly wedding decorations you love.

Why Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

There are so many reasons to plan an eco-friendly wedding! For one, it's a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, you can save a lot of resources by choosing local, seasonal flowers and using recycled paper for your invitations. Just imagine an outdoor ceremony in a whimsical field. Or a reception under a romantic canopy of trees. Eco-friendly weddings are also good for the environment. By supporting local farmers and using sustainable materials, you can help reduce your impact on the earth. So why not go green for your big day? It's good for you, good for your guests, and good for the planet!

12 Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations for a Sustainable Celebration

Weddings are a special time to celebrate LOVE. However, they can also be an opportunity to show your commitment to protecting the environment. Here are 12 eco-friendly wedding decorations that will help you do just that. (And if you see something on the list you love but don’t have time to incorporate, that’s where we come in!)

1. Use Potted Plants Instead of Cut Flowers

This will reduce the number of flowers that need to be imported. Another option is to use potted plants for certain decorations–like your centerpieces or aisle decor–and use cut flowers for the bouquets. If you love the look of cut flowers, you can still reduce your carbon footprint and support local businesses by partnering with a Lake Tahoe flower farm to source in-season florals.

2. Choose Locally Sourced Food

Having your wedding catered using locally-sourced food will minimize your carbon footprint while supporting local farmers. It is also one way to guarantee your wedding will be 100% unique to you. At Epic Thyme, we know local farmers in the area and can help you choose food items that will be in season during your event.

3. Use Recycled or Reused Materials as Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations

Old bottles can be turned into vases, and fabric scraps can be made into bunting. This also brings an organic, rustic vibe to your wedding decor, adding character and charm to the space. One reusable wedding decoration we love for a boho-chic wedding is antique rugs on the walkway down the aisle.

4. Use Reusable Dinnerware

Everything from the plates to the cups to the napkins to the utensils should be reusable, whether you purchase, rent, or buy them second-hand. Stay away from disposable products for an eco-friendly wedding.

Eco Friendly Wedding Decorations for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

5. Use LED Lights Instead of Incandescent Bulbs

Light your wedding with LED lights, which use less energy and last longer, making them a more environmentally friendly option. Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding, you'll need some type of lighting, and it just makes good sense to go with LED bulbs. (In fact, it’s illegal to use incandescent bulbs in California!)

6. Give Your Guests Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations as Favors

Rather than purchasing wedding favors for your guests, reuse your wedding decorations as gifts. For example, if you choose potted plants for your table centerpieces, let guests know they can take them when they leave. Another eco-friendly wedding favor option is food! Give your guests snacks for the drive home after your wedding as a special gift and tasty treat.

7. Ask Your Guests to Shop Second-Hand for Their Wedding Attire

You can include your wedding guests in your efforts to go green by asking them to wear an outfit they already have or shop second-hand for your wedding. If you’re feeling exceptionally eco-friendly yourself, you and your wedding party can do the same by renting or purchasing dresses and suits second-hand. This way, you'll avoid contributing to the garment industry's impact on the environment.

Eco Friendly Wedding Dress for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

8. Print Your Wedding Invitations on Recycled Paper

Wedding invitations can be one of the most wasteful aspects of a wedding. But there are ways to go green. You can print your wedding invitations on recycled paper or opt for virtual invitations to minimize paper waste altogether.

9. Choose Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations Made from Natural Fibers

Cotton, linen, and hemp are all eco-friendly materials that don’t harm the environment when they're grown and manufactured. Keep an eye out for ways to incorporate these materials into your wedding decorations.

10. Look for Built-in Decor

Lucky for you, Lake Tahoe is surrounded by built-in decor for your wedding ceremony, photos, and even the reception. When booking your wedding venue, choose a space with natural beauty, which will minimize the number of extra decorations you have to purchase or rent. Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor venue, you can find one that matches your style without needing too many “extras.”

Eco Friendly Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue Featuring Eco Friendly Wedding Decorations in Lake Tahoe

11. Compost Any Food Waste from Your Reception

You can work with a sustainable caterer or local farmer to ensure your catering is eco-friendly. You can also minimize wedding waste after the wedding by asking the caterer to compost any leftover food or feed leftovers to their farm animals. This will reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills and create valuable compost for your garden or food for the animals.

12. Choose a Sustainable Exit Toss Item

Having guests throw rice or paper confetti during your wedding send-off isn’t the most eco-friendly option. Instead, opt for a plant-based approach, like throwing dried lavender, rose petals, or herbs, which are biodegradable.

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding in Lake Tahoe

Choosing eco-friendly wedding decorations and planning a sustainable wedding in Lake Tahoe is easy. Simply hire Epic Thyme Events! Planning sustainable celebrations is what we do. Whether you want to go all-in with a nearly 100% green wedding, or you’re dedicated to choosing certain elements to be eco-friendly, we can help. Learn more about our eco-friendly wedding planning company, and contact us today to discuss how we can help you plan a wedding that’s wonderful and good for the earth!

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