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Best Wedding Photo Sharing Apps and Chat Apps for Your Wedding

Wedding Photo Sharing Apps, Wedding Chat Apps

#WeddingHashtags became a thing in 2012 and have grown in popularity over the years. Oftentimes a witty combination of last names and wedding lingo (e.g., #FinallyAFerguson), guests are asked to use these hashtags when sharing wedding photos on social media. This way, the happy couple can see photos and videos from their special day all in one place.

While it’s still fun to create a catchy wedding hashtag, it isn’t necessarily the best way for your guests to share wedding photos for three reasons. First, you will likely miss some photos, whether because someone spells the hashtag wrong or your hashtag is used by another couple. Second, hashtags aren’t private, so everyone on social media can see the wedding photos shared under your hashtag. And third, there are not any group chat features available on Instagram, so the guest interaction is limited.

The good news is, there’s a better way––wedding photo sharing apps and chat apps designed specifically for your guests to easily share photos, videos, and wedding weekend plans. Here are the top 8 best wedding photo sharing apps and chat apps for your wedding.

Wedding Photo Sharing Apps, Wedding Chat Apps

1. Wedding Photo Sharing App: The Guest

The Guest app was developed by the popular wedding website, The Knot. Designed to automatically share photos and videos in real-time, The Guest enables your guests to easily share wedding photos with you and others. The best part of this app is how easy it is to use––for both you and your guests. Rather than needing to download a separate camera app, The Guest works with your phone’s camera to capture pictures and automatically upload them to your wedding album for free! The Guest even sends automatic notifications to guests who have accepted the photo sharing invitation to remind them to snap photos during the ceremony and reception.

2. Wedding Chat App: Slack

Slack is designed for teams to collaborate on projects. However, many couples use this app for photo sharing and group chatting on and around their wedding day. When guests share photos on Slack, everyone on the platform can see and comment on the photo. The same is true for chats. You can create a specific channel for out-of-town guests to plan activities together during their downtime or a ride-share channel to help guests coordinate transportation to and from your wedding. Or, you can create one big channel where all guests can communicate their plans for your wedding weekend, such as the Saturday morning hike they are going on or where the best burger in town is. If you want a private group chat, between you and your bridesmaid, for example, you can create that too with Slack.

3. Wedding Photo Sharing App: Wedbox

Wedbox is a photo sharing app with an elegant twist. With this app, you can collect photos and videos from your wedding guests and your wedding photographer. Plus, it has a photo booth function for a fun and easy way to create your own wedding photo booth. Wedbox is easy to set up and use with smart-categorization features that organize your photos for you. Plus, it is the only multi-language wedding photo app on the market, so everyone can use and enjoy it with ease! Wedbox is available for free with limited features, or choose from their two paid packages for access to all of the bells and whistles.

4. Wedding Chat App: Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a global group chat messaging app that is great for weddings with guests from around the world. You can create different group chats for out-of-town guests, family, and specific activities. This way, guests don’t get overwhelmed with messages that aren’t relevant to their wedding weekend experience. With the ability to share photos within the group chat too, friends and family can snap pics of all the fun they have at your wedding and share them with each other and you!

5. Wedding Photo Sharing App: Ceremony

The Ceremony app enables you to gather all your guests’ photos and videos, message your wedding guests, and keep everyone on schedule within the app. Simply invite guests to use the app, share details such as the time and date of your rehearsal dinner or reception, and stay connected with the in-app messaging feature. Then, as your guests enjoy every event leading up to and on your wedding day, they can share memorable photos and videos with you––all for free!

As a bonus, with private, real-time photo sharing features, you don’t have to worry about those embarrassing dance photos going viral on social media. But if you want to share specific photos with the online world, Ceremony makes it easy to do that too.

Wedding Photo Sharing Apps, Wedding Chat Apps

6. Wedding Chat App: Facebook Messenger

To use Facebook Messenger for wedding chats, create a “Group” on Facebook specifically for your wedding. Invite guests directly from Facebook, and they can instantly start chatting with each other about their plans for your wedding weekend. And you can easily share information, too! Facebook Messenger works best for a guest list of under 100 people so all guests can communicate via the app. For your older family members and friends who aren’t tech-savvy, this may feel like the most familiar option!

7. Wedding Photo Sharing App: Wedding Photo Swap

The name says it all. The Wedding Photo Swap app enables your wedding guests to share and swap photos of your most special day. You can create an unlimited amount of photo albums on the app for free to keep your wedding photos organized. Plus, with multiple ways to invite your wedding guests to join in the fun and share photos––such as emailing invitations or sending printable information cards with your wedding invitations––you are sure to have hundreds of photos to view after your wedding.

Wedding Photo Swap organizes your photos into a visual timeline for you, so you can relive your wedding day through your guests’ eyes. Plus, with the comment feature, friends and family can share their thoughts on the photos, so you can know what they were thinking, too!

8. Wedding Chat App: Voxer

Looking for a walkie-talkie for the digital age? Use the Voxer app for your wedding. You and your guests can send the usual messages and photos, or make things even more interactive by sending real-time voice messages. With Voxer you can establish group chats with up to 500 people or create more specialized chat groups for specific wedding activities.

Tip #1: Get a Wedding Photo Sharing App and a Wedding Photographer

It’s important to note that wedding photo sharing apps are not a substitute for a professional wedding photographer. Facts are facts: your great aunt Ruth’s photos always come out a little blurry. And that’s ok! That’s what wedding photographers and videographers are for. They capture the picture-perfect snaps of your wedding.

However, it can take a little while for you to receive your final wedding photos, which is what makes photo sharing apps so much fun. You get to look at the “not-so-perfect” captures from your friends and family right after the wedding! While these probably won’t be the photos you frame and hang on your wall, they are enjoyable to view on your honeymoon or even sneak a peek at during your wedding.

Tip #2: Don’t Forget to Collect Guests’ Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to collect your guests’ email addresses and phone numbers to add them to the app. A wedding chat app is only as fun as the guests who are invited to use it! Many apps let you send invitations and reminders to your guests straight from the app while others require manual entry. The easiest way to collect this information from your guests is to include a submission form on your wedding website. Be sure to also mention how to download your app(s) of choice so everyone can use it come your wedding day!

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