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Amazing Things for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Guests To Do

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Whether you’re local to the Tahoe area or you’re having a Lake Tahoe destination wedding, it’s important to plan a spectacular guest experience. One way to do this is to provide guests with a list of things to do in and around Tahoe. Whether they come into town a few days before your wedding, stay a few days after, or want to squeeze in a few fun activities between your wedding events, there is plenty to do. Here are some of the best things to do and see in the Greater Lake Tahoe and Sierra Foothills region for your Tahoe wedding guests to explore in their downtime.

Things for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Guests To Do and See

While it’s always a fun idea to personalize your Lake Tahoe list of things to do with your favorite activities, you want to include a variety of options. This way, people of all ages and interests can find something fun to do in Tahoe. Weather depending, here are some of our favorite things to do in Lake Tahoe that you can add to your list, too!

Hike Around Lake Tahoe

There are so many hikes in and around Lake Tahoe that it’s hard to choose just a few. However, for guests who have never been to the Tahoe area, here are some of the most popular hikes with the best views that don’t require a whole day to accomplish:

Cascade Falls Trail - a 1.4 mile, moderate out and back trail in South Lake Tahoe with lake views, a 255-foot elevation gain, and of course, a waterfall. This trail is family-friendly for those with little ones who want to explore.

Eagle Rock Trail - a 0.7 mile, easy out and back trail on the West side of Lake Tahoe with a 239-foot elevation gain that is kid-friendly.

Eagle Lake Trail - a 1.9 mile, moderate out and back trail in South Lake Tahoe with a 459-foot elevation gain that leads you past waterfalls, creeks, lakes, granite peaks, and some of the Lake Tahoe Basin’s best views.

Skyline Trail - a unique hike that starts with a ride on the Heavenly Ski Resort Gondola, which takes you to the start of the 2-mile Skyline trail, as well as many other trails you can explore. With little elevation gain on foot (you scale most of it on the gondola ride), this is a great option for wedding guests of all hiking skill levels.

Enjoy Water Fun at Sand Harbor Beach

Whether you want to soak up the sun or explore the Tahoe waters via kayak or paddleboard, Sand Harbor State Beach in Nevada is one of the best places to do it. Offering some of the bluest water in all of Lake Tahoe, your wedding guests won’t have to go far to understand why people are always saying, “Keep Tahoe Blue.” Sand Harbor Beach offers paid parking, but it fills up fast. Let your guests know to arrive early and reserve watercraft in advance.

Other options for water fun include renting a boat with Tahoe Wake Charters or Tahoe Sailing Charters and enjoying a Zephyr Cove Charter Cruise for a relaxing Lake Tahoe experience.

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Ski and Snowboard the Lake Tahoe Mountains

If you’re planning a winter wedding in Tahoe, your guests aren’t going to want to swim in the Lake. But they may be interested in a ski or snowboard trip. Check out the six best Lake Tahoe ski resorts your guests may enjoy, like the popular Heavenly resort and Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows.

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Visit Tourist Attractions In and Around Lake Tahoe

If you have a wedding in Lake Tahoe, your guests will most likely want to visit the lake. However, Tahoe isn’t the only note-worthy place in the area. Your Lake Tahoe wedding guests may also enjoy traveling to the nearby cities of Truckee, Virginia City, and Carson City. These towns are full of character and are a great option for Lake Tahoe wedding guests who aren’t interested in outdoor recreation.

The distance to each of these towns from your wedding will vary depending on your Lake Tahoe wedding venue of choice. Once you know where you’re getting married, be sure to include travel information for your guests. This way, nobody is late for any important wedding event.

Enjoy Some of the Best Dining in South Lake Tahoe

There are seriously so many good places to eat and drink in Tahoe, choosing the best seems slightly impossible. So, to make this section not too overwhelming, we researched the highest-rated South Lake Tahoe restaurants in specific categories. When all else fails, the draw of South Lake paired with a 5-star restaurant is a good choice.

Best Breakfast and Lunch in Lake Tahoe - The Getaway Café

Best Pizza in Lake Tahoe- Base Camp Pizza Co.

Best Healthy Option in Lake Tahoe- Sprouts Cafe Tahoe

Best Thai Food in Lake Tahoe - My Thai

Best Brewery & Grill in Lake Tahoe - Cold Water Brewery & Grill

Best Restaurant with Views in Lake Tahoe - Brooks’ Bar & Deck at Edgewood Tahoe

Best Romantic Restaurant in Lake Tahoe - The Soule Domain

While these may not be your favorite restaurants, they are some of the highest-rated in South Lake Tahoe. It’s a good idea to include a variety of options for your Lake Tahoe wedding guests, as everyone has their own preferences and food restrictions. When gathering your list of things to do, include some of your tried and true, as well as some of Lake Tahoe’s finest dining options.

Where to Include Things for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Guests to Do

If you are new to the Lake Tahoe area, this list includes some of the best things to do, see, and eat in and around the area. So, if you haven’t found all of your “favorites” yet, you can use ours to create your “list of things to do” for your Lake Tahoe wedding guests. However your list comes together, be sure to include detailed information on your wedding website so your guests can easily access the best things to do in the area.

Looking to plan a Lake Tahoe destination wedding and want to learn more about the area? We’ve got you! Start by learning about why Lake Tahoe is the ideal wedding destination and how much a Lake Tahoe wedding actually costs. Then, contact us today to learn how we can help you plan the Lake Tahoe wedding of your dreams.


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