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Wedding Vendor Gift Ideas to Say Thank You

Wedding Vendor Gift Ideas, Wedding Vendor, Wedding Planner, Wedding Planning, Vendors

Your wedding vendors are the backbone of your entire wedding day. They work tirelessly to ensure your guests have the best food to enjoy, your floral arrangements are exactly as you pictured, and your beautiful wedding is captured perfectly in photos you will look back on with a smile for the rest of your life. These amazing humans deserve all the gratitude in the world. And while we do suggest tip amounts in our wedding vendors tipping guide, the fact is that tipping all of your vendors can be expensive, costing nearly $3,000. Fortunately, there are plenty of cute, thoughtful, and meaningful wedding vendor gift ideas you can give to say a heartfelt thank you without breaking the bank.

Thank Them with Sweet Treats

Does your wedding vendor have a sweet tooth? Thank them by sending delicious treats straight to their door. You can send them the best cookies and cake truffles out there or really knock their socks off with these Killer Brownies.

Send em’ Some Booze

Whether it’s a bottle of your favorite wine, a beer gift basket with an assortment of unique flavors, or this awesome margarita kit, nothing says thank you like some booze. For an extra funky boozy gift, send this adult candy gift box with booze-flavored candies.

Send Fresh Flowers

Sending a bouquet of fresh flowers is a great way to show gratitude to each wedding vendor. Be sure to include a personalized thank you note so they truly understand just how much you appreciate all of their hard work.

Or Send a Houseplant

If you’re looking for a wedding vendor gift idea that lasts a bit longer, consider gifting a houseplant. Succulents are perfect because they are beautiful, inexpensive, and easy to care for. You can purchase them in bulk off of Amazon–one for each wedding vendor. Again, be sure to include a thank you note!

Create a Self Care Box

Complete with bath salts, a scented candle (personalize it for an extra sweet touch), and your favorite tea, a self-care box is a perfect gift for a vendor who has worked so hard leading up to and on your wedding day. They could use a moment of rest and relaxation!

Send a Silk Bathrobe

If you don’t want to put together a whole box and are looking for a single gift that screams, “you’ve done so much amazing work, it’s time to go relax!” then give a silk robe. You can find them in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns on Amazon.

Give a Personalized Coffee Mug

Thanks to Etsy, you can personalize any type of coffee mug and give it to your wedding vendor. To make this wedding vendor gift idea extra special, include a gift card to Starbucks (or wherever their favorite coffee shop is!). Or, if you know they’re always on the go, opt for an adorable travel mug like this one from Corkcicle.

Or Give a Super Practical Gift

Wedding vendors often find themselves on site all day for each wedding they work. That makes this practical wedding vendor gift idea one of the best: a key chain that charges your phone. Now they don’t have to run to their car to keep their phone on or search high and low for an outlet at an outdoor wedding. Plus, it’s not too expensive and comes in three great colors!

Thank Them with a Thank You Card and Amazon Gift Card

If you aren’t sure the type of gift your wedding vendor would like, that’s ok. Simply write them a personalized thank you card and include an Amazon gift card. The personalization in the card makes the gift meaningful, and the gift card offers them the opportunity to get something they’ll really love.

Wedding Vendor Gift Ideas, Wedding Planning, Wedding Budget, Wedding Planner, Wedding Vendor

Free Wedding Vendor Gift Ideas

If you need a free wedding vendor gift idea, do one (or all) of these things to show your vendor how much you appreciate their hard work.

1. Leave a raving review on every site possible.

From Google to Yelp to The Knot to Wedding Wire, anywhere your vendor advertises for new business, give them a 5-star review.

2. Share their work online.

For example, every time you post a picture from your wedding on your Instagram page, tag your wedding vendors and mention their stunning work! This is another way to help spread the word about their services. It is a thank you that keeps on giving.

3. Send a Them Referral

If you know someone who is getting married, refer them to your favorite wedding vendor. New business is one of the best ways to say thank you!

Even if you tip your wedding vendor or send them one of the adorable gift ideas, it is still a really kind gesture to do the three free wedding vendor gift ideas as well. Service-based businesses rely on word of mouth as one of the most important ways to get new business. If you love their work, let them and everyone else know. It’s the best thank you that you can give!

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