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Wedding Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: May 2, 2022

Wedding Insurance, Wedding Protection, Wedding Coverage, Special Event Insurance

Imagine this: one of your wedding vendors gets extremely sick and doesn’t respond to you for nearly eight months. Your wedding is getting closer, and you aren’t sure what to do. You think you should go ahead and book a different vendor, but you would need your money back from the MIA vendor to secure a new one. You’re stuck and don’t know what to do.

For one Epic Thyme couple, they didn’t have to “image” this scenario, they had to live it last year. Fortunately, their story has a good ending. We helped them submit a claim to their wedding insurance provider, and they paid us back so we could book a new vendor! Wedding insurance is vital. You just never know what might happen. Learn more about wedding insurance and how to choose the right provider with the best coverage for you.

What is Wedding Insurance?

So, what is wedding insurance? Often called “special events insurance,” it is a way to protect your wedding investment. It can cover a lot of different things from small issues, such as unexpected costs, to larger issues that cause you to have to postpone or cancel your wedding altogether. Of course, the hope is that everything goes according to plan, but that isn’t always the case. And while your wedding planner can put out many small fires, when something turns into a big flame, wedding insurance can truly save the day.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth Getting?

Yes. Ask any COVID bride or groom, and they will tell you one of two things: either they are so glad they had wedding insurance or they wish they had wedding insurance. While we hope COVID will soon be behind us, there are many other reasons to get wedding insurance. It covers more common occurrences that can happen to anyone at any time. It’s also important to note that because of COVID, many insurance policies have changed (read this article on data regarding Covid-19 Wedding Trends). So, it’s super important to read the fine print to ensure you know what’s covered.

What Should Wedding Insurance Cover?

Just like the example we shared about a wedding vendor ghosting our client, there are a lot of less-than-ideal situations wedding insurance can cover. Image this:

  • You’re having a Tahoe wedding and a fluke winter storm happens the night before your big day. Your wedding venue calls to tell you the entire entrance is blocked and nobody can get through to the venue. What do you do? Without wedding insurance, you call your wedding planner in tears. With the right wedding insurance, you postpone your wedding and get reimbursed for your costs.

  • You decide you want real candles in your wedding decor. It is beautiful. But then a big gust of wind comes through and blows your floor-length table runner up in the air. It lands on top of the lit candles and the runner and table garland catch on fire!! Yikes! With the right wedding insurance, your losses from the damaged decor are covered.

  • It’s two months before your wedding. Everything is in place. Then, you get a call. Your wedding reception venue is closed… for good. You lost your deposit and now you have to book a new place last minute. Good thing the right wedding insurance covers scenarios just like this.

The Two Types of Wedding Insurance

Now, it is important to note that there are two main types of wedding insurance: liability and cancellation. And the type of coverage you purchase determines what exactly is covered and what is not.

When you research your wedding insurance options, ask questions! Get specific. The last thing you want is for something to happen that you thought was covered. Ask about:

  • Site coverage for your ceremony and reception venues

  • Weather coverage if inclement weather prevents access to the wedding locations

  • Vendor coverage in case a vendor stops communicating with you or doesn’t show up to your wedding

  • Sickness or injury coverage for the couple or essential wedding guests

  • Guest coverage in case someone is injured at your wedding (this is important, especially if you’re serving alcohol)

  • Lost or stolen items coverage in case something important goes missing

  • Military or job coverage in case your wedding needs to be postponed due to an unexpected deployment

Not every wedding insurance covers all of these things or they may come at an additional cost. We cannot stress enough how important it is to ask questions and read every policy carefully so there aren’t any surprises.

Best Wedding Insurance Providers and What They Offer

We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. Here are the 4 best wedding insurance providers. Now, we are passing the baton to you to find the one you feel most confident using, that fits within your budget, and that gives you the peace of mind you need leading up to and on your wedding day.

1. Wedding Protector Plan (Travelers Wedding Insurance)

Travelers is a traditional insurance provider with special event coverage called Wedding Protector Plan that offers primary coverage for wedding cancellations and postponements, with “liability” and “jewelry insurance” offered as additional coverage options. With Wedding Protector Plan, all the main wedding events are covered, including some additional ones:

  • Wedding ceremony, reception, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, send-off brunch the day after your wedding

  • Cancellation or postponement of the event

  • Event photographs/video

  • Event gifts

  • Special attire

  • Special jewelry

  • Lost deposits

  • Liability insurance (optional coverage)

  • Liquor liability insurance (optional coverage)

With a no deductible 24/7 claims service, the ability to purchase anywhere from two years to 24 hours before an event (in most states), and the ability to add additional coverage if needed, Travelers is a well-known and reliable insurance provider.

2. Event Helper

Event Helper includes host liquor and liability coverage in their plans, which many other providers include at an additional cost. With their already low-cost plans, this provider is best for couples on a budget who still want quality protection. Event Helper has gone completely paperless to make your experience quick, easy, and virtual. However, it is important to note they don’t have a 24-hour claims service, and they do make it clear on their website that viral outbreaks such as COVID-19 are not covered.

While Event Helper states this clearly, it doesn’t mean that others do cover such events. Even if they don’t put it on their website, it’s important to ask.

3. Wedsure

Wedsure is designed specifically for weddings, so they know exactly what every bride and groom needs in terms of coverage. Additionally, Wedsure also covers “change of heart,” also known as cold feet. While it might feel weird planning for such an event, if a family member is paying for the wedding, they may feel more comfortable knowing they are covered should a change of heart happen.

4. Markel

Markel is a simple, straightforward wedding insurance provider. They offer event liability coverage that meets venue requirements (or your money back) and cancellation insurance that includes vendor bankruptcy, extreme weather, and military deployment. If you choose both types of coverage, Markel offers a 15% bundle discount. You can purchase coverage up to 24 hours before your wedding and include add-on coverage options for a low cost.

Bonus Option: Your Current Insurance Provider

Many traditional insurance providers offer special events coverage too. So, another option is to check with your current insurance provider to see what type of wedding insurance they have available.

When Should You Purchase Wedding Insurance?

You should purchase wedding insurance as soon as you start spending money on your wedding. Depending on the wedding insurance provider you choose, they may have specific policies as to when you can purchase insurance and how long it covers you, so always ask!

We know wedding insurance can be confusing, but we are here to help. If you have any questions about choosing the right coverage for your wedding, reach out to us! We will do our best to point you in the right direction!

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