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How to Search for Past Weather History on Your Wedding Date

By: Lydia Mattern

When you are trying to choose the perfect date for your wedding, there are a few key considerations:

The season of the year.

The month of the season.

The week of the month.

The day of the week.

While warm summer weekends are very popular wedding dates, your wedding date will be specific to you and should consider other determining factors, such as any dates that are definitely excluded--like your best friend’s birthday or the weekend you know your favorite cousin is away on a work trip.

Once you’ve chosen a few potential wedding dates, it’s time to search past weather history to help you choose which date would be best weather-wise, especially if you want an outdoor wedding, plan to take wedding photos outside, or have guests traveling to and from your wedding destination.

Determine weather history for your wedding date with these strategies and tools.

Determining the Perfect Wedding Date Weather: Strategy

Rather than searching the weather history of every single day of the year in an attempt to pick the absolute perfect date, it is best to choose a few key dates to research based on the factors mentioned above.

You will also want to choose a specific wedding location. Rather than searching past weather history in a variety of different places, only look in the city where you plan on having your wedding.

Then, start researching.

Searching weather history of the past 10-30 years will provide you with a wide range of data to determine weather patterns on your wedding date.

Once you collect your data, calculate the average rainfall, temperature, or other key weather condition you’re hoping to avoid or experience on your particular date. You can use the tools below to help this process go smoothly.

Determining the Perfect Wedding Date Weather: Tools

Now, you may be wondering how in the world you are going to find weather data at your wedding destination for the past 30 years. Luckily, in this day and age, there’s an app for that. Or a nifty tool on the internet that does the searching for you. Here are some of the best weather databases and tools to help you gather your wedding date weather data.

Weather Underground is an online historical weather database you can search to determine past weather. They also have an app.

This comprehensive database provides valuable information on temperature, precipitation, and wind speed of past dates. Using this database, you can gather weather conditions dating back 72 years and average your findings to determine the general weather on a particular date.

This tool searches local climatological data within the United States. You can choose your location and wedding date and search weather history over the past years. The data provided is very in-depth. If you are looking to do detailed research, this database provides great information. But there are other user-friendly options available.

Weather Event Planner is a user-friendly tool from Visual Crossing, another historical weather database. This tool does the calculations for you, searching past weather history and presenting you with an estimation of the weather conditions on your wedding date. From the temperature highs and lows to the typical precipitation and humidity levels, you can view an hour-by-hour estimated weather forecast.

The Farmer’s Almanac makes weather predictions 18-months in advance. With an 80% accuracy rate on its long-range forecasts, you can get an idea of the weather conditions on your wedding date 18 months prior. While there is some room for error, you can gain a general prediction.

Choose Your Wedding Date and Have a Plan B

Researching past weather history will give you an idea of the weather conditions on a particular day and help you determine your wedding date. However, even the best research can’t ensure perfect weather.

That’s why it is important to always have a plan B--an indoor venue option if it starts to rain, umbrellas available for unique rainy-day wedding photos, and teams in place ready to make this adjustment happen if needed.

At Epic Thyme, we are here to help you plan the perfect wedding and make sure everything goes smoothly on the day--whether it’s wedding plan A or wedding plan B. Contact us now to learn about our wedding planning services for the Greater Lake Tahoe and Sierra Foothills region.

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