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6 Unique Wedding Ideas for the Adventurous Couple

By: Lydia Mattern

So, you want your wedding to not just be an unforgettable day but to be an unforgettable experience, full of adventure for you and maybe even your friends, family, and wedding guests.

An adventure wedding does not necessarily consist of your traditional wedding activities, but instead may include hiking, exploring, and adventuring together--hopefully capturing wedding photos with gorgeous backdrops and breathtaking scenery along the way. However, the number and intensity of activities you choose to do on and around your wedding day may vary.

Here are six unique wedding ideas for the adventurous couple to ensure your wedding day is one to remember.

1. Choose an Adventurous Wedding Destination

One of the main ways to ensure your adventure wedding is memorable is to choose a unique wedding destination. Are you looking to stay in the United States or venture outside the country for your wedding? Do you want to stay close to home (yes, it’s still possible to find adventure without traveling far), or are you looking to hop on a plane to take you somewhere new?

There are many beautiful places across the nation and around the world to get married. The possibilities are endless. So, it’s important to consider how far you want to travel, your budget, and whether or not you want family and friends to travel with you. These factors will contribute to choosing your adventurous wedding destination.

At Epic Thyme, our favorite adventure destination for weddings is Lake Tahoe. With its breathtaking views and versatility, you can plan any type of adventure wedding you want. Discover why we believe Lake Tahoe is the ideal wedding destination.

2. Skip the Church and Find an Adventurous Place to say “I Do”

There are so many adventurous ways to say “I Do.” You just have to find the one that is right for you.

Do you want to promise your love under a waterfall? How about proclaim it on a mountaintop? Do you want to be on the water--by a gorgeous lake, beach, or river? Are you interested in hiking to your destination or do you want to ensure it is easily accessible for your wedding party and guests? Sun or snow? Morning or evening? Sunrise or sunset?

At Epic Thyme, we have planned unique and adventurous AirBnB weddings, adventure house weddings, and even pop-up weddings. A pop-up wedding allows you to have the beautiful wedding you desire wherever you want--like a meadow or next to a gushing river. We make this happen by coordinating with the florist to create a beautiful pop-up ceremony that can easily be carried to wherever you want to say “I Do.”

Like we said, the possibilities are endless. By considering what type of wedding ceremony you want and where you want it to take place, you can put together the perfect adventurous wedding--and we at Epic Thyme are here to help with creative ideas you didn’t even know were possible!

3. Take Wedding Photos in Adventurous Locations

If you want to be surrounded by friends and family when you say “I Do,” you may choose a more accessible location for the wedding ceremony. There are plenty of hotels and venues in adventurous locations where you can get married. Then, you can explore the surrounding area with your wedding photographer to capture adventure wedding photos.

If, for example, you choose to have your wedding at High Camp in Squaw Valley, you can enjoy expansive views of Lake Tahoe and easy accessibility for friends and family. Then, the day before or after your wedding, you can also sneak away for a few hours to capture breathtaking views, hikes, and adventures in the surrounding area.

You can plan a Wedding Adventure photoshoot with Charleton Churchill and plan a Wedding Adventure video-shoot with Rafael at Amora Cinema today! Then, post it online for your friends and family to see in case they were not able to attend your wedding due to travel restrictions or COVID-19 guidelines.

4. Consider an Elopement

Choosing to elope rather than have a traditional wedding is an adventure itself! Whether you opt for a treehouse elopement wedding (yes, that’s a thing and it’s awesome!) or find a secluded bluff or private beach to start this next journey of your life together, a wedding planner can help make your elopement feel extra special.

Traditionally speaking, an elopement is when a couple secretly runs off to get married without much thought behind it. But today, elopements look different and include a lot of planning so the wedding goes smoothly, while ensuring there is still a layer of excitement and seclusion to the day.

You will still need flowers, food for yourselves, a hotel, travel arrangements, transportation, decor, CAKE, and more! From coordinating the arrival of an officiant to hiring a wedding photographer to capture the day, there are a ton of details you don’t want to miss. By hiring a wedding planner to help coordinate the details, an elopement may be the perfect adventure wedding for you.

For a Lake Tahoe elopement, contact Epic Thyme--we will take care of all the details to ensure your wedding day is the adventure of a lifetime.

5. Choose an Adventure Themed Wedding Design

Maybe you are an adventurous couple, but your actual wedding day is not the best time for you to go off exploring. There are still ways to bring the spirit of adventure to your wedding. One of these is to have an adventure themed wedding design, using elements of your favorite adventures to decorate your space.

Here are fun and creative adventure language ideas to incorporate into your wedding invitations, signs, and design:

“You’re my greatest adventure”

“And so, the adventure begins”

“Loving you is my favorite adventure”

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

“Love is the only true adventure”

If you are interested in having an adventure themed wedding, contact Epic Thyme today. We specialize in conceptualizing wedding spaces and will help you choose the perfect design elements to bring the adventure to you on your wedding day.

6. Put Adventure Gifts on Your Gift Registry

Another way to highlight your adventurous spirit on your wedding day (without making Grandma hike up a cliff to see you get married) is to register for adventure gifts on your wedding gift registry. Whether you enjoy camping, hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, skiing, or any other type of adventure activity, you can register for gifts that will allow you and your new husband or wife to go on adventures together after your wedding--maybe even on your honeymoon.

Lake Tahoe is the Perfect Wedding Destination for the Adventurous Couple

Whether you want to wed on a mountaintop, say “I Do” on a private beach, or marry in a gorgeous hotel in an adventurous location, Lake Tahoe is the perfect wedding destination for the adventure seeking couple.

You can be as adventurous as you want--explore together, include your family, sneak away for some seclusion, and even elope!

Are you ready to have your adventure wedding at beautiful Lake Tahoe? Contact Epic Thyme today and start planning the adventure of a lifetime: your wedding day.

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