Welcome to Epic Thyme - a bespoke, award-winning, wedding planning company that specializes in designing stunning, customized weddings. With multiple planners, designers, and stylists. We curate cost-effective opulent weddings that you and your family will be proud of for years to come!  We spend over 230 hours over the course of a year curating an event that will seem effortless, a luxury you and your family deserve.



Designer / Operator / Planner

Over the last decade, Christi has been orchestrating upscale weddings at the most prestigious hotels and venues the Tahoe Basin has to offer. She simply wows family and friends. Professional to a fault yet down to earth,  you will find Christi’s intoxicating laugh adds levity while detailing even the most complex scenarios. Christi makes it look effortless, which allows you to enjoy your day in Epic fashion.


Lead Planner / Designer 

With an extensive background in design with Michael Kors,  Monique’s eye for quality is second to none.  She knows what a couture event looks and feels like, but most importantly how to execute it. ​She approaches life with confidence and grace stemming from her Yoga Practice in the White Mountains. This is why we love Monique, not just for her business acumen and attention to detail but also for the way she lovingly interacts with all of those around her. 

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Assistant Planner / Designer

The dream story! Bailey was actually one of our amazing clients! She was so on it from start to finish that we knew if she ever wanted to be a planner, we wanted to hire her! Bailey brings that extra energy, charm, and execution to our team. She simply keeps up with new styles and allows us to be ahead of the trends! She is our guru who turns our ideas to fruition! Bailey goes through all the finer details and will be here to help YOU make your event fun, stylish, and on time! 



Lydia's passion for writing is evident through her writing and editing expertise. She knows how to provide valuable insight and helpful information. As our editor, Lydia connects us with helpful tips and tricks so we can serve YOU throughout the wedding planning experience. You can find her personal touch throughout our blog posts and even on your wedding website when you work with us!