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Not Your Typical Lake Tahoe Wedding Planner

We bring your Lake Tahoe wedding vision to life and have a darn good time planning it.

We’re one-of-a-kind, just like you, and just like your wedding will be. Professional to a fault yet down to earth, our team makes wedding planning look and feel effortless, so you can focus on having an Epic Thyme at the Lake Tahoe wedding of your dreams. 


What Makes an Epic Thyme Wedding Epic?

YOU. No, seriously. You are the inspiration behind your Tahoe wedding. As your Lake Tahoe wedding planner, one of the first questions we ask to start the planning process is what an ideal Saturday looks like for you. Why? Because we want to know what you love, what you’re passionate about, what makes you come alive and use that to design a celebration that feels like a natural extension of you as a couple. Learn more about how we do it with our full-service Lake Tahoe wedding planning package.

Epic Thyme Designs Lavish, Sustainable Weddings!

Epic Thyme is a sustainable wedding planner in Lake Tahoe. We find creative ways to design breathtaking, highly personalized, eco-friendly weddings without being wasteful. It’s important to know where your items are coming from, how they’re made, what you’ll do with them after your wedding, and ways to incorporate eco-friendly wedding ideas into your design. A sustainable wedding is all about reducing your event’s effect on the environment. Too often, couples spend money on items that aren’t necessary for their dream wedding. We help you be intentional and thoughtful about every detail of your wedding to save you money and do our part to help save the earth. Looking for eco-friendly wedding inspiration?

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Why Choose Epic Thyme as Your Tahoe Wedding Planner?

We could toot our own horn, but we’d rather you hear from our couples who share why they chose us as their Lake Tahoe wedding planner.


“We gravitated towards your style, your down-to-earth personality, and your emphasis on wedding planning being a fun process!” - Sheila & Evan


“I am a mountain woman through and through and could sense you had that same vibe. I also love a more simple, artistic style, and I felt you did too. And of course, you came so highly recommended.” - Naomi & Ian


“I liked the energy and style in your pictures. The weddings shown were all apparently unique to the couple. You share the same values as us in supporting local businesses, farm-to-table, and eco-friendly. I could sense that you are down-to-earth, hard-working, kind, and creative, and I felt you’d be a great match for us to plan this special day!” - Lacey & Mason

At Epic Thyme, We’re Passionate About…

  • Inclusivity: We are LGBTQ+ friendly and welcome all couples

  • Sustainability: We design green weddings that are good for the earth 

  • Local Business: We support and champion our neighbors 

  • Farm-to-Table: We curate organic experiences for a natural wedding in Lake Tahoe

  • Creativity: We view each wedding as a unique opportunity to create something brand new

  • Hard Work: We love to have fun, but it’s always equally matched with dedication and professionalism 

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Ready to Plan the Eco-Friendly Tahoe Wedding of Your Dreams?

We would love to be your Lake Tahoe wedding planner. You probably have tons of questions about wedding planning, and we can’t wait to answer them all. Reach out to us today, and we’ll schedule a time to chat about your Tahoe wedding and how we can bring your vision to life.