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12 Fun Wedding Ideas to Liven Up the Party

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Guests come to your wedding expecting a few things: to watch you get married (of course), to eat good food, to dance, and to chat with your friends and family. What they don’t expect is a real-life donkey holding beers during your cocktail hour. Let’s give them what they don’t see coming. Here are 12 creative and fun wedding ideas to make sure your wedding is the party of the year.

12 Fun Wedding Ideas for Your Reception

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, choose one, some, or all of these fun wedding ideas to incorporate into your celebration.

1. Wedding Wheel of Fun

It’s time for wheel… of… FUN. Buy or build a spin wheel for guests to spin throughout the night. Each spot is an activity for either them to do or for them to have the newlyweds or another guest do. Ideas for activities include:

  • Bust a move in the center of the dance floor

  • Have the happy couple bust a move in the center of the dance floor

  • Clink your glass for the happy couple to kiss

  • Find the cutest guy/girl at the wedding and ask them to dance

  • Give a toast/speech to the happy couple

  • Sing a song with people at your table

  • Hug and stranger (post-COVID, of course)

  • Share wedding advice with the happy couple

Wedding Wheel of Fun, Wedding Games, Fun Wedding Ideas

2. Photo Booth and/or Slow Motion Booth

Photo booths never go out of style. They provide a source of entertainment for your guests and photos to take home with them. You can choose a vintage camper photo booth, an old, blue VW bus photo booth, or go with a classic style photo booth–whatever fits the theme of your wedding. When booking, make sure to ask about the amount and type of photo props that come with the rental, such as signs and dress-up wear.

3. Lawn Games

Oversized lawn games are fun for wedding guests of all ages. Whether you purchase, rent, or make your own game pieces, here are some fun wedding ideas for an outdoor reception:

  • Oversized Checkers or Chess

  • Giant Jenga

  • Yahtzee with dice bigger than your head

  • Connect Four that’s as tall as you

  • Huge Tic-Tac-Toe board

Some lawn games that aren’t oversized but are still fun include Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, and Croquet.

Oversized Lawn Game, Wedding Games, Giant Chess

4. Table Games

If you like the idea of having games available at your wedding but don’t have space for multiple oversized lawn games, do table games instead. You can either have a few selected games on each table or one big table where guests can choose the game they want to play. From Jenga to normal-sized checkers and chess to classic games like Uno, Scrabble, Clue, and Battleship, everyone will have something to play.

5. Live Entertainment

Cultural dancers, a magician, and a stand-up comedian walk into your wedding… and they bring live monkeys with them. Talk about entertainment. Whether an entertainer does one big show or goes table-to-table to entertain your guests throughout the night, they will definitely liven up the party.

6. Polaroid Cameras

Have some polaroid cameras laying around for guests to use to snap instant pictures while enjoying your wedding. They can take the photos home with them as memorabilia of your special day. Or, you can ask guests to write a special message on the back of the photo and sign it. Then, collect them all as your wedding guest book.

7. Fireworks Display

Go big or go home, right? You can truly put the icing on your wedding cake with a fireworks display at the end of your wedding night. Just be sure to make sure you’re not going to get in any legal trouble by checking with your county and wedding venue first and getting a permit if you need it.

8. Digital Scavenger Hunt

Using those Polaroid cameras we discussed or picture-phones, have your guests go on a digital scavenger. This is another fun wedding idea for guests of all ages. Simply make a list of 20 (give or take) photos guests have to capture throughout the night. Here are some ideas:

  • The happy couple smooching

  • The mother/father of the bride shedding a tear

  • The best dance moves of the night

  • Someone eating cake

  • A photo of you and a stranger

  • A selfie with the bride, groom, or both

9. Coloring Station for the Kids

Let’s be honest… it’s for the adults, too. A coloring station is a great way to keep the young ones occupied throughout the night. You can include some adult coloring pages as well for everyone to enjoy while they’re taking a break from all of the other fun wedding activities.

10. Drinking Games

Insert college-party vibes. Now, this fun wedding idea might not be for everyone, but for the right couple with the right friends, it can really liven up the party. From Beer Pong to Flip Cup to Kings, bring back all of your favorite college drinking games for some late-night wedding fun.

11. Interactive Food Stations

Food is always fun, especially when it’s interactive. Here are a few tasty ideas:

  • A donut wall

  • A pretzel wall

  • An ice cream bar

  • Veggie shooters with carrots, celery, and ranch

  • A french fry station (steak fries and curly fries and sweet potato fries, oh my!)

  • A coffee bar

12. Food Truck Appearances

Weddings make you hungry, especially after a night of dancing, playing oversized lawn games, and going on scavenger hunts. Rather than your guests leaving to go get a late-night snack, bring the snack to them. Surprise your guests with a food truck appearance to keep the party going all night long.

Bring Your Fun Wedding Ideas to Life with Epic Thyme

There are so many unique and fun wedding ideas you can incorporate into your special day so all of your guests have an awesome time. OF COURSE, the most important part of the day is you getting to marry the love of your life. But because this is the best day of your life, there’s a really good chance you’re going to have a good time. At Epic Thyme, we make sure your guests have the best night of their lives, too! Let us help you plan a fun and memorable wedding today!

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