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Wedding Bells are Ringing, and the Clock is Ticking -Say “I do” with the help of a wedding planner

Your wedding day is a time for you to shine bright and share endless laughter with loved ones. Before you say, “I do”, there is so much that needs to be done in so little time! Everything from choosing a venue, sending your invitations, to making floral arrangements and designing your wedding cake! You want your wedding to sparkle perfectly in every way.

At this point, you may be wishing you had an extra hand to help polish loose ends and organize your special day. Begin “happily ever after“ on the right foot with the delightful guidance of your own Wedding Planner. The only thing you should be doing is eating, drinking, and getting married! We are giving you our top three reasons why hiring a Wedding Planner is key to successfully create your big day. So, grab a glass of champagne and cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

Wedding Planners are fabulous negotiators.

Wedding Planners seem to have a magical touch when it comes to getting the best vendor deals. You name the vendor and chances are they have a sparkling connection. From photographers and DJ’s, to Florists, planners have built-in relationships which can really cut costs. The relationships wedding planners create with vendors are more regular than newlyweds who are contacting a vendor for the first time. This is simply because planners make arrangements with vendors far more often.

Wedding Planners are the point of contact for all vendors. If any anything unexpected decides to wiggle its way into your plans, your planner is likely to arrange with vendors for these unforeseen hiccups to be swept away at a much lower cost (and sometimes at no extra cost). Your fabulous planner is a saving grace who is on a mission to make your dreams come true, just in time for you to say, “I Do!”

Have a little fun, you deserve it!

Vowing to love your partner forever should be romantic, elegant and enjoyable. However, you may find the enjoyable part to be a bit tricky to master as you are frantically planning for your gorgeous day. No matter how organized you are, how many friends and family are giving you an extra hand, chances are you will have to arrive early on your big day, stay in contact with vendors, ensure all plans are coordinated just right, and more. Having someone there to keep your ceremony running smoothly allows you to spend more time celebrating with your match made in heaven and all your devoted loved ones.

Think of a wedding planner as the “mother” of your wedding (the best mother ever of course). She (or he) will stand on the sidelines directing the entire event. From guiding caterers, assisting the family, wedding party, and guests as needed, arriving early for setup, and staying late for teardown wedding planners are here to step in so you can relax and enjoy the party!

You said the “I Do’s” now it is time for the booze!

In the delightful world of weddings, the ceremony and reception are often held in the same space at your chosen venue. Your ceremony may take place in a delicate ballroom or any spacious room with lots of windows and natural lighting. Once the ceremony is done, that room must be flipped, turned and somersaulted as quickly and gracefully as possible! You want to make this “flip” without guests seeing the transformation process. You must do away with your ceremony chairs and replace them with tables that also need to be elegantly dressed and set up. Your entire fabulous affair must be completely “flipped” during the cocktail hour (yes, just one hour!) Your Wedding Planner is here to make sure you “flip” without “flipping out.” Your planner will coordinate all the details with your floral and décor professionals as well as bring in additional help to keep your guests happy and make your dreams come true!

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