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The 6 Must-Have Elements for a Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag

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Welcoming wedding guests with a perfect wedding welcome bag upon their arrival for your weekend is the perfect way to kick off the celebration in style while pampering those you love! We've rounded up the 6 must-have elements to help you craft welcome bags that are sure to wow your guests and provide for their every need!

Something Local To start things off including a local snack is a wonderful way to connect guests to the locale. Maybe you're welcoming out of town guests to Chicago; consider including Chicago mix popcorn! If you're hosting a Lowcountry soiree in Charleston, consider including pralines, a quintessentially southern treat!

For out of town guests who aren't familiar with the area a local touch in their wedding welcome bag is a fun way to get them connected to a place that is special to you and your fiancée.

An Itinerary A weekend itinerary is not only a practical element to include in a perfect wedding welcome bag, it is also a beautiful way to carry over the stationery motif of aesthetic that was present in your invitations! Guests will enjoy getting a nice note from you and an itinerary is the easiest way to disseminate information regarding weekend transportation and various wedding events.

Chances are your wedding guests didn't actually bring their wedding invitation with them for the weekend so they'll need to know all the pertinent details for the weekend! A map is also a great (and adorable) item to include in the itinerary to help guests get their bearings! A Beverage I always hate when a hotel room has a few bottles of water on the credenza but they aren't complimentary. After a long trip, a nice beverage is a welcome treat.

Once again a drink is a great way to personalize your perfect wedding welcome box! If your fiancée is known for their Diet Coke addiction then why not include a can or two in your boxes?

A Lifesaver for After the Wedding A few painkillers or a cute hangover kit will be a welcome addition for guests who enjoyed celebrating late into the night.

A Container Whether you choose a wire basket, a canvas market tote, or a colored cardboard box, the options are truly endless when it comes to your welcome box container! The container you chose is another great way to reinforce your overall wedding aesthetic and keep with the overall look and feel of your day!

Something fun! A wedding welcome box is a fun way to connect with your wedding guests while keeping your day unique to you as a couple! Choosing elements that connect to you as a couple and your shared history is a fun way to share your relationship story with your guests! If you both went to college in Florida, candy orange slices are a fun element to include! Maybe you met on New Year's Eve; why not include a split of champagne as a nod to that special night?

As you're crafting your wedding welcome boxes something to consider is how many people they should include provisions for. Are you going to give boxes one per room or one per guest? It is simplest to gift items one per room but include two of every treat so that couples each get a little something!

Another thing to consider is your level of stress in the wedding planning process. While sourcing elements for a wedding welcome box can be a fun project if you're feeling overwhelmed consider outsourcing to a gifting company who can curate the perfect box for you! Plenty of gifting companies will handle sourcing items, putting together boxes, and delivering them to your hotels if you want to go that route!

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