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How Many Signs?!

There are so many options when it comes to signage! Here is a list of the most popular signs!


Wedding Timeline

The Wedding Party

Ceremony Seating (Please sit wherever your heart desires)

Unplugged Ceremony (no phones)

Reserved Seat (for a loved one/or in memory of)

Ceremony Programs (Please take one)

Down the Aisle (Here comes the bride)

Gift Table

Guest Book (Please sign our guest book)

Cards Here

Love Quotes

Dancing Shoes (Kick off your shoes and DANCE)

Bar Sign (Open Bar)

Custom Cocktails

Dinner Menu

Wedding Hashtag (Help us capture the love #weddingofthecentury!)

Where To (Directional signs, arrows)

Comforts (Wedding blankets, sunglasses, sunscreen)

Entertainment (Photo Booth)

Keep your Glass (Here’s your glass for the night, fill it to the rim with whatever tastes right!)

Write your name on your mug!

Seating Chart

Bride & Groom (Back of your dinner seat)

Favors (Thank you, grab a jar of honey!)

Dessert Table

Sparklers (Sendoff at 10:30 PM)

Whiskey Room

Photo Ideas (fun props for your wedding photos)

Restroom (Can even have a funny photo of Bride & Groom on Ladies & Men room)

Thank you!

Just Married! (Car)

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