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Fun and Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Not sure what to give your groomsmen? No worries! We’ve put together a list of the best groomsmen gift ideas, from practical options to sentimental gifts to non-traditional ideas. Here are 14 gifts to thank your groomsmen for being part of your special day.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas to Use Before the Wedding

Some of the best groomsmen gift ideas are ones your friends can enjoy together before your wedding and are still practical after the fact. These five gifts are great options.

Personalized Drinking Glasses

Whether a beer drinker, shot taker, wine connoisseur, or coffeeholic, personalized drinking glasses make great groomsmen gifts. You can use them together the morning of the wedding as you’re getting ready. Engrave the glasses so they are not only practical but memorabilia too.

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is an excellent pre-wedding groomsmen gift idea because your guys can use it to transport their wedding attire to the venue the morning of. Plus, it’s practical and will definitely be used again.

Tie Bar Travel Bag

If a duffle bag feels a bit too generic or expensive to you, the Tie Bar travel tie storage case is a great alternative. Help your groomsmen keep their wedding ties and accessories safe and unwrinkled as they travel to the wedding venue with this unique gift.


Who says matching robes are just for the bridesmaids to enjoy? Your groomsmen will also appreciate comfortable loungewear to wear the morning of the wedding. The Knot Shop has a great selection of men’s robes in a variety of colors. Plus, you can get them embroidered with your groomsmen’s initials to personalize the gift even more.

Playing Cards

A deck of custom playing cards is a great groomsmen gift idea. Plus, Shutterfly makes it easy to personalize a deck of cards in so many ways, from photos of you and each groomsman to your wedding date.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas to Use During the Wedding

You can help your groomsmen look spiffy at your wedding with these groomsmen gift ideas to use during the ceremony or enjoy at the reception.

Fun Novelty Socks

Novelty socks are a fun gift in and of themselves, but you can have your groomsmen wear them during the wedding to add a bit of personality to their attire. Whether you opt to give each groomsman the same pair of socks or personalize them, you can find a vast selection of novelty socks on Etsy for a reasonable price.

Classy or Novelty Belt or Suspenders

Another way for all your groomsmen to sport their gift during the wedding is to provide them with a belt to wear. Whether this is a classy belt, novelty belt, or something to add a pop of color to their attire, you can find what you’re looking for on Etsy.

Personalized Sunglasses

A pair of shades makes a great groomsmen gift idea. You can ask everyone to bring them to the wedding to wear for fun photos or use during your outdoor reception. For an added touch, have the sunglasses personalized with your wedding date or groomsmen’s initials.

Hip Flask

This is a great groomsmen gift, but it’s up to your discretion whether or not you’d want them to use it during the wedding. Maybe opt to have them keep it in their pocket until the reception.

Wooden Watch

Wooden watches are in right now, and they are easy to personalize with engraving. Etsy offers various colors, styles, and prices to find one that works for your groomsmen’s gifts.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas to Use After the Wedding

If you’re not concerned about giving your groomsmen a gift they can use before or during the wedding, these unique groomsmen gift ideas are great options. Plus, they can all be engraved for a unique, memorable touch.

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a great gift for your manly-men groomsmen. Engrave it with “best groomsman ever” or another memorable word or phrase.

Sports Balls

For the sports guys, a customized baseball or football makes a great, practical gift. It’s something they can use, but that still holds a special memory of your wedding day.

Money Clip or Wallet

This is another practical gift that can be used anytime! Give your groomsmen a place to stash their cash with an engraved money clip or wallet.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas that Aren’t a Gift

Whether to ask your friends to be part of your special day or thank them for the time, energy, and support they put into getting you married, you can thank them with a gift that can’t be wrapped up in a box. Thank them with an experience. It’s sort of like a bachelor party for your groomsmen. Whether you plan a fun night of drinks and Top Golf, a chill evening at a cigar bar, or a day of betting at the horse races, you can thank your guys with a fun time together.

Plan All the Little Details with Epic Thyme

When couples begin wedding planning, they often think of the big to-dos like setting a date, booking a venue, and finding the perfect wedding attire. However, there are so many little details–like buying groomsmen gifts–that are easy to forget or put off until the last minute. At Epic Thyme, we help you stay on track with the big things and small things to ensure everything about your wedding day is as it should be. If you’re interested in planning a spectacular Lake Tahoe wedding, contact us today!


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