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Tipping TIPS!

Tips can be a surprise. Some of your vendors will include a gratuity in their invoice, so make sure to take a look first! Here are a few examples of the industry standard, but it is always up to your discretion how much you tip!

What do I tip at my wedding

Bartenders: 15 percent of total liquor bill (split)

Catering Manager: $200+ or a Personal Gift.

Catering Bill: Tip should be included 15-20% of total bill.

Chefs: $100+

Officiant: $50-$100 for a civil officiant

Hairstylist & Makeup artist: 20%

Shuttle Driver: 15%

Maitre d’: 3% of food & beverage

DJ: 15% of fee

Musicians: 15% of fee for ceremony musicians; $25 to $50 per musician for reception

Photographer & Videographer: $100 (if you are not paying any overtime)

Parking Attendants: $1 per car

Waiters: $20 & up each (handed out by manager or maitre d’)

Wedding Planner: Personal Gift or 15% of fee